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01 Triangle of Manifestation
04 Seven Guiding Principles
05 Justified Nature of a Thing
06 Principles of Natura
07 The Golden Path
08 The Role of Men in the Temple
10 Concerning the Voice of Babalon

What is the Triangle of Manifestation?

The Triangle of Manifestation in three forms.The Temple receives an enormous amount of questions and inquiries each month concerning the material we publish. We know that since we are not the authors of the majority of information we publish, but rather merely conduits for the spirits themselves, that the veracity and uniqueness of this information peaks the interest of many people for many different reasons. And no topics are of more concern than the source and method of this Knowledge and Conversation with the spirits, the Triangle of Manifestation itself.

Here is a summary of what we have already published concerning the Triangle, from our Glossary:

"This is the ancient, true and secret method of evoking spirits into physical realms and is the cornerstone of the teachings of the Outer Temple in Templum Babalonis. It is impossible to accomplish this method without a properly trained Priestess who can function as a Liminal Gateway. For has it not been said that "woman is the Triangle of Manifestation"? A man alone can not evoke a spirit to manifestation in the physical realm, without possession, for he lacks the proper physical equipment. This method has nothing to do with the commonly written method involving the Triangle of Art, which is a mere blind for the true and secret method, nor does it involve any tricks with eyesight, mirrors, smoke, altered states of consciousness or trance-possession. The true Triangle of Manifestation effects an actual face-to-face manifestation on the material plane of the spirit evoked.”

Of course we can not, nor will we ever, divulge the secrets of this method to the public at large - for many, many reasons. Not the least of which would be the fact that men from all quarters would attempt to use women for their own ends in horrible ways, as vehicles for the aggrandizement of their power and control. No. There has been enough of that over the last 5000 years. We prefer that those women who have ability, those rare Women of Spirit who are not yet disintegrated from their Spirit into common modern mundane people concerned with the issues of their Persona only - we prefer that these women come to a place of support and safety. In this way they can learn and unfold in their own relation to their Spirit and all of the other spirits, unmolested by the ugliness of the humans upon this planet who would otherwise use them for their own ends. There are only a few score of women on this planet who could potentially learn this method, and successfully accomplish it. Most others are no longer capable of reaching past the Liminal Point in this way. People are not happy when they are told this. In this Aeon of Aquarius, the Children of Privilege and Empire have a belief in equality - that all people can potentially do all things equally. This is simply not true, especially in areas of Heka. For no thing in Nature is like any other thing. In fact - no things are ever equal or the same. There is only difference.

But regardless, we present to you here some curious pictorial representations of the Triangle of Manifestation. The first image on the left (see above) is called the Seal of the Guardians of the Triangle of Manifestation. This Seal was first given to the Hagia by Ra Hoor Khuit Himself in 2007. The Triangle as such takes years to perfect, and at this time there was still much demonic interference for the Hagia, despite Her amazing ability. When there are imbalanced spirits present in a fully manifested and physical way, it takes a great toll not only on the mental and emotional state of all in its presence in the ritual, but a physical toll upon the Priestess as well. There are long-term consequences to the Priestess because of this. There is a real and physical danger to the body of the Priestess when using this method, and the possibility of disease, cancer and physical degeneration is greatly increased by the presence of imbalanced energy. It physically gets into the body. This is another important reason why training must take place under the proper guidance of a trained Priestess, in order to lessen the dangers which will present themselves in abundance - especially in the early years of working with the Triangle.

But to return to our story, Ra Hoor Khu came to the Hagia during a particularly difficult time period for Her in this regard - one in which Her body was failing over time, and disease was encroaching rapidly. Now Ra Hoor Khu (or Ra Hoor Khuit when he is manifested in the Triangle) is the Guardian of the Gates of the Underworld. There are four Main Gates to the Underworld which He guards on the side of the Realm of the Living. There are many other Guardians with many other purposes concerning these Underworld Gates such as Baphometis, but the primary and foremost of them is Ra Hoor Khu. (See the Adorations of Ra Hoor Khuit and the Magickal Philosophy of Templum Babalonis Book II Chapter 6, The Priestesses of Heka for more information on the Relationship of Ra Hoor Khu to the Ho Or and the Ta Or, the Warrior Women Priestesses of Heka.)

So Ra Hoor Khu came to the Hagia with these words concerning the Triangle and its effects, some of which we have already published:

"The Sun is born and dies each day,
And the Moon each month.
Both are born again, but the Moon always in blood,
And the Sun of darkness."

He then told Her that She needed the most protection of all during the New Moon. And then He began to give Her Greek letters. Now, the Hagia did not know anything of Greek at this time, so it was difficult for Her to understand. Suffice it to say after much struggle with communication that He mentioned Sigma, Delta and Epsilon. He then told Her to multiply this by two, in order to find the Word of the Aeon. And also that this was the Twice Born - hence the multiplication by two, and that this also was the Double Wand of Power, the Obeah and the Wanga. He then said to draw it on a ring and wear it.

Now what was unknown to the Hagia at this time was that the value of Sigma is 200, Delta is 4 and Epsilon is 5. The total then is 209. Multiplied by 2 as instructed we receive the number 418, which is indeed the numeration of the Word of the Aeon, Abrahadabra, as given in Chapter 3 of Liber Legis. Such is the way of true spirit communication - always in cipher and in such a manner that only later can one understand the meaning of the strange information given previously. As for the Double Wand of Power, the Twice Born, and the Obeah and the Wanga - these subjects have to do with the mechanics of the Triangle of Manifestation in Ritual, and so can not be commented on in this place.

The Ring of the Guardians of the Triangle of ManifestationAt a later time, Ra Hoor gave the exact diagram for the ring, as the Hagia was left wanting for this from the previous audience with Ra Hoor Khu. It took many years to gain His presence again, and not for lack of trying, but when She was successful He indeed had more to say concerning this Seal which was to be put on a ring for Her to wear. It was at this time that He explained what the Greek letters signified, of which we can only say to you that they signify Guardians of the Triangle itself. The proper diagram was then given, as shown in the left image above. He then added information about the circle and the point in the middle of it all: “The Center Eye Guardian over the Triangle - the Eye of Horus”. He pronounced the word as “Hoor-Roos”, not “Hor-Us” as it is commonly said. And so after receiving this new information, the ring was then able to be specially fashioned from a professional jeweler, and the Hagia wears it to this day as a sign of Her Office as the Principalia, which is to say the return of the first Ho Or in 5000 years.

Now we Ophidians are the caretakers of the Seven Guiding Principles given to mankind by the Great Liberating Mother, so that they might understand a little of the process of creation and dissolution in the Underworld, which is the source of all life and manifestation whatsoever. (See the Magickal Philosophy of Templum Babalonis Book II, Chapter 8 The Principles of the Great Liberating Mother for a thorough examination of the Seven Guiding Principles and their relation to Heka.) The Triangle is a terribly important part of the process of Manifestation, as it is a symbol of the Mother and of the Womb. The Womb of course is the ultimate and only vehicle of Manifestation in our Realm - there is no other. And its number is three, for many reasons. Because of this therefore its symbol is the Triangle, with three points or three angles. Now the Fifth Principle as given by Babalon is overseen by the Fortuitous Angel named Patchulah, who oversees this Principle. She has had many incarnations, as all of the Fortuitous Angels have, with historical names in this case such as Pitarche, Tiamat and Tefnut. This Principle is concerned with a "Great Fortitude in the Deepest of the Waters" which is also called Emergence. This Emergence happens by the Power of the Three, that is to say by Triangulation. This is the drawing together of the Three Points. In human manifestation, it is the sex act between the male and the female, combining with the Spirit of a new being in order to create life. The three beings draw together to create new life, which emerges into our Realm. The act of Triangulation yokes or joins the new spirit to the fleshly vehicle created.

This Principle of Emergence through Triangulation is a very ancient mechanism of Heka and Manifestation, as are all of the Seven Principles. But in this case it particularly addresses the point of Emergence from the Underworld, and the mechanics of that process. In the Seal on the right in the picture above, one can see this process of Emergence and Triangulation represented in an arrangement that reflects the understanding of this Principle from Liber Legis, Book I, 48 "My prophet is a fool with his one, one, one; are not they the Ox, and none by the Book?" In addition to the obvious play upon the Hebrew letter Aleph, and its numeration and assignment to the Tarot Trump called The Fool, and the backhanded smack against Crowley for his Advaitism, there is another, deeper mystery being conveyed here in this verse. The "One, One, One" signifies the Three Points of the Triangle of Manifestation, of which Crowley was foolishly ignorant even though he witnessed this very same process openly when receiving the Book of Law itself with his wife Rose. And these three "Ones" here mentioned are indeed the Ox as it says in the verse, the Bull’s Head, the shape of the Womb of the Priestess. This is the Ta Or, the Bull Priestess, for She knows the ways of the Heka of the Womb which is itself the source of all Manifestation in this Realm. And yes - it is "none by the book" too. This means that its mechanics remain unwritten, and never will be.

Which brings us to the center image, shown above. This image was encountered by us at a much later date than the history related above, well after the Seal upon the Ring of the Guardians of the Triangle of Manifestation had already been forged into reality. But it shows us nicely the Triangle of Manifestation at work again, probably at that time by one of the last Ophidian cults to practice this most ancient method before the final collapse of the World at the hands of the Ichthyos minions of the Aeon of Pisces. This bronze seal comes from the 3rd Century BCE, from the area of Pergamon, which is in the heart of the old Goddess country where the Great Liberating Mother last ruled as Kybele Magna Mater. Now immediately one can see the Triangle and Eye the same as on the Ring. And we can see that the designers of this bronze seal had within their knowledge the importance of the three points of the Triangulation. The Three Goddesses here used to represent the mechanics of this process of Emergence are Nikhe, Dione and Phoebe. Incantations written in Greek letters which were intended to help the Priestess with this process of the Triangle of Manifestation are listed next to Dione and Nyche. Phoebe has a Cthonic invocation, appropriately enough, which calls upon the Underworld guardians Melione and Leucophryne as well as the Queen of the Underworld, Persephone Herself, for their help in this process. The strange characters on the three sides of the Triangle are written in the ancient Goddess Language which dates back at least 40,000 years. Many examples of this language, and these very same characters which are shown here, can be found on Neolithic findings across the internet now. This language has recently been gaining new-found attention by academics and such archeologists as Marija Gimbutas, and is the subject of much research by this Temple in its audiences with spirits from that era who are able to communicate some information regarding its usage - both symbolically in its hieroglyphs and phonetically as a spoken language. So in summary, this Seal was probably made by some of the last Priestesses before the fall as a secret teaching tool, recording the helpful incantations and names of the Serpent Guardians and Torch-bearers of the Underworld as they had learned them in their Lineage.

Such is the current available information that we are publicly able to offer our readers at this time concerning this most ancient method of spirit communication called in our current language, the Triangle of Manifestation. Although we are not at liberty to fully describe the mechanics of this process for reasons already given, we hope that what we have been able to say will never-the-less be of some use to Devotees of the Great Liberating Mother.

From the Shadows of the Brotherhood,

In Nomine Babalon et Vox Sanctae Meretricis

Carus Babalonis
Na Nia Het Hotep

Ending Flourish

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