The Temple of Babalon in Ophidia
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Glossary of Terms

The Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun

The Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun The Dwellers and Guardians in the Underworld, under the Light of Sirius. The Golden Sons of Gaia in the Outer Temple are forged into the Steel of the Brothers of the Midnight Sun in the Inner Temple. The Brotherhood’s members, both incorporeal and incarnate, are all male. The incarnate Brothers are Inner Temple Adepts. It is they who exhibit true manhood in the Temple - for they function as Guardians of Power, not the wielders of it. The incorporeal members form the Body of the Brotherhood and are lead by their unmanifest brethren which organize themselves into an Alliance of 15, which is manifest in three different ways. These Greater Brothers all have a connection to Sirius, Saturn or the Moon. There are many male deities in the Ancient World associated with the Midnight Sun in all of its forms, including Nana, Sin, Khonsu, Tahuti (Dahuty, Djehuti etc.), Setesh and His Herald Anpu, Tum and others.

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