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The Imposter of Templum Babalonis

Richard Westall''s Sword of Damocles, 1812, embellished It has been brought to our attention that a certain Patrick Bloos who runs the “online Temple” Nvit-Isis has been heavily borrowing from our material here at Templum Babalonis, and passing it off as his own while attacking us as “dangerous imposters”. We have chosen to ignore these banal imitations over the past few years when they were confined to his web page. But as he begins to publish under our names, phrases and symbols, in a slightly re-arranged way, it has become time for the world to know the truth. This page will catalog the major offenses of this pathetic imposter, as he attempts to take our hard work for his own. The truth always comes to light.

Where Patrick got the name for his “book” Dea Babalon

Back when Patrick was courting the Hagia and the Temple in January of 2014 via Facebook chat, he became very enamored of the Hagia and her writing. One piece in particular he seemed to obsess over all of the others. This was her rather serious Daily Dedication to Babalon as follows:

In Nomine Babalon et Vox Sanctae Meretricis. I honor you,
Divine manifestation of all that is the union of fire and water
The potency of Female Divine Spirit
The Fire of Will, and the Love of Water
United with force, with passion, with wisdom, with inspiration,
Inspiration derived from the blackness of the deepest knowing.

Your Love, under your virility of Will,
Manifests through lust, through desire,
With a potency that drives most mad by their own fear.
Death is not a shadow in your army,
But a lover who caresses a true king.

I honor you, Dea Babalon
I serve you,
I build my fire, and feed your fire,
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law
I seek to manifest you through my existence.

I honor you with my service
I honor you with my devotion
It is my Will to serve you
Love is the Law, Love Under Will

This piece was originally written by the Hagia for her private use around 2004 EV, and only published for the first time to the world in 2013 EV. Patrick was so obsessed with this piece that he recorded himself speaking this invocation and sent us and others copies of this recording. He also made one of his “students,” a somewhat known and very talented string instrument musician in Europe, recite this invocation as part of her daily routine for a little while – which alarmed us because of the serious nature of the oaths to Babalon sworn in this dedication. This is not something to have just anyone recite. Regardless, this Dedication is where Patrick got the name “Dea Babalon” from. One can find it easily in the third paragraph, which begins “I honor you, Dea Babalon, I serve you...”. This phrase has never appeared in any printed material prior to our usage.

In addition, many parts of the Hagia’s writings appear in rearranged form in the “poems” of this pitiful 36 page “book” and elsewhere.

For example:

Dea Babalon, I want to serve You,
and build my Fires so that my Will,
can be directed to manifesting Yours.
I want to learn and to be dedicated...

Hagia has written “I honor you, Dea Babalon, I serve you,” which he copies as “Dea Babalon, I want to serve You”. Hagia has written “I build my fire, and feed your fire ... I seek to manifest you through my existence,” which he copies as “and build my Fires so that my Will, can be directed to manifesting Yours”. He does this in many, many places – constantly stealing from us, as well as Crowley and probably others as well. It is fairly pathetic, and we have no idea if his co-author is aware of his thievery.

Some more examples:

the Serpent Tribe conquers.
So I ask You to show me the way
by the light of Your Torch.
So that my Spirit can arise further...
... united with Fire and Water,

We of this Temple have called ourselves “Ophidian” because we are the people of the serpent, who are creating a New Indigene, which we have physically done by returning to the wild woods to live off-grid in nature. This apparently he was very enamored of, and copies these ideas with his phrase “the Serpent Tribe conquers”. He does not live in nature or belong to a tribe – rather he lives in a city and has a job. Obviously we have called ourselves the Serpent Tribe for over a decade now. Again, the Hagia writes “The Fire of Will, and the Love of Water, United with force, with passion...” which Patrick copies as “So that my Spirit can arise further ... united with Fire and Water”.

Then he writes further “Oh Great Liberating Mother, Guide me further in Your Ways.” The term “Great Liberating Mother” as a title of the collective incarnations of Babalon going back through the Aeons, was first divulged to the world by the Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun in 2001 EV. This term does not appear in history before our usage of it. Again Patrick is stealing our words and calling us “dangerous imposters”.

There are many more instances of this in his short collections of writings, which we will not bother to take further effort to show, as it is now obvious that the bulk of his part of the book is just stolen material from this Temple, Crowley, Liber Al and others all rearranged.

The Seal on the Back of the Book

The seal used by Patrick on the back of the book is the same as the Great Seal from the Temple of Babalon with an extra moon added.

Seal of Templum Babalonis, Stolen

This Seal of Templum Babalonis along with the important phrase “In Nomine Babalon et Vox Sanctae Meretricis” was received by the Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun in 1998 EV and first divulged to the world in 2000 EV. The fact that the initials of the phrase INBVSM equal 93 in English Qabalah is no accident. This phrase too he has recently stolen as well (see below under names). In addition to this seal on his old book, he has now revised it for his “new book” which he is advertising – and made it a variation of two different themes from our Temple, adding again the term “Dea Babalon”.

Seal of Templum Babalonis, Stolen

Here Patrick has lowered the Sun and Moon to the bottom of the Star of Babalon, and then added the Ophidian Star of our Outer Temple Sigil in triplicate, copying again our symbols of Ophidian Thelema. In fact, soon after discovering our Temple and being inspired by the Ophidian Current, he promptly began using serpent and cobra symbolism on everything which he produced or posted. One must ask, why copy the words and images of our Temple so feverously if we are “dangerous imposters”.

The many names of Patrick

Patrick has gone through many, many names. His given name is Patrick Alphonse Cyriel Bloos, and he uses many forms of that name on many accounts on Facebook. In addition, he goes by the monikers of Frater Fidens, Frater Ad Fontes, Frater Fontinelle, Hem-netjer-tepi, Hapvseneb and Custos Sanctae Meretricis Coccino. The last three names are all inspired by or copied from our Temple. During my correspondences with Patrick in 2014, I would often sign my correspondences with the name given to me during a Supreme Ritual in the Egyptian language, which is Na Nia Het Hotep. Apparently this made an impression upon him enough to go and get his own Egyptian sounding name when he started to attack our Temple, in imitation of what he had seen: Hem-netjer-tepi and then Hapvseneb. When corresponding with us, Patrick chose the name (of his own volition mind you!) Custos et Anculus Sanctae Aureaviae, which means Slave and Guardian of Holy Aureavia. I put it into Latin for him, at his request. Furthermore, his most recent name is a play upon both the last name, and his obsession with our temple: Custos Sanctae Meretricis Coccino. He now combines part of the Seal of our Temple, “Vox Sanctae Meretricis” with his old name Custos, adding as an afterthought a word for “scarlet,” coccinus, declined incorrectly. It should be coccinae.

Reclamation of the Great Liberating Mother

Another bit of Patrick’s thievery comes from the current description of the so-called “Nvit-Isis Temple” (the membership of which is one, himself – all other members are online only). Here he states the following:

“Temple of Nvit-Isis is an independent global network of like minded (sic) individuals pursuing the Great Work, promulgating the Law of Thelema and Reclamation of The Great Liberating Mother Babalon.”

The term “Reclamation of The Great Liberating Mother Babalon” is the express purpose of Templum Babalonis, as first divulged to the world in 2001 EV. This term never existed publicly before our manifestation of it, yet he continues to use it as his own. He stole this from us as well, and passes it off as his own idea. I am not even sure he could explain properly to anyone what it really means if he were asked, for the real meaning of this phrase is not obvious in its apparent words.


These are but a few examples of the thievery perpetrated by Patrick and his imaginary Nvit-Isis Temple. His latest attempt at relevance is a book which utilizes the phrase Gloria In Excelsis Dea Babalon. One would think he would get some originality, and not try and wed Babalon to the Catholic Church and its famous invocations: Gloria In Excelsis Deo. The evidence is clear that Patrick Bloos and his Nvit-Isis Online Temple is nothing but a hollow copy of other people’s hard work – it is a shame that those around him do not realize this.

And to that end we wish to make it abundantly clear that we of this Temple in no way hold any enmity towards those innocent members of Nvit-Isis who affiliate with Patrick online, or any other organization. Please continue to write about your own experiences with Babalon (or anything else) as you Will, we only ask that you do not steal our hard work as your own, while calling us “dangerous imposters”.

Regardless, this page will continue to document his thievery as we find it.

We of the ever-growing Shrines of Babalon System (currently 22 Shrines in over 10 countries) and the members of Templum Babalonis support all true seekers in their personal work with Babalon, in all of Her manifestations. May the truth shrine free from the torch of the Great Liberating Mother. Babalon is for ALL.

In Nomine Babalon et Vox Sanctae Meretricis

Carus Babalonis
Na Nia Het Hotep

October 2017

Ending Flourish

All text and images are Copyright 2001, 2018 Templum Babalonis.
Reuse without express written permission is forbidden.