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Voice of Babalon

Voice of Babalon.One main question I have is concerning the relationship between Babalon and the Hagia. Does Babalon speak thru her, are the words contained on the website to be considered holy (for lack of a better term)? Or is it a case of her will being aligned with Babylon's?

To begin answer your question I must make sure that you understand a few things about the Orphetic Mysteries. Please review the writings on Vox here and the writings on the Triangle of Manifestation here .

The Orphetic Mysteries encompass a number of different Priestess abilities which are taught within the Temple. The Magicians help the Priestesses with these processes, ritualistically. Both are required. At their heart, the Orphetic Mysteries deal with the powers of the Serpent in the Underworld, and one part of that is how the Moon acts upon one’s Waters or Fires, depending. The term Orphetic was coined by the Archangel Michael, not by us, when teaching certain aspects of the Underworld connection to the Priestess. Michael: “It used to be called Orphy-ism. (Orphism I think was meant, but he said Or-fee-ism - a different dialect). There is a connection between that and [what] you call the Orphic Hymns and based upon the nature of the Liminal Gateway. There is a connection between that and the origination for the word “orifice,” “oration”; from a time when the Moon was seen as the gateway, as the orifice into the Spirit Realm…” Orphetic became “prophetic” Orphetic comes from the same root as Orpheus. The rumors concerning the various methods the Spirit Communication used by the Priestesses gave rise to the word “prophetic”, or one who speaks from the Spirits on the future. The Orphetic Mysteries are continually doppleganged and copied and imitated to the point that almost everything done with spirits to this day is a sham, a fraud, or comes simply from the unbalanced or wildly imaginative minds of the people claiming such things. Usually the latter. Often they try to imitate the true Orphetic Mysteries with the use of drug-induced states as well, because they have no ability on their own and have not been trained. Of course the results are no more meaningful than any other piece of art created in such a manner (See Vox, mentioned above).

There are a number of techniques which you will be taught or experience at the various degrees of your Initiation, starting with Orphetic Mirroring, then moving to the heart of the system which is the Triangle of Manifestation. This starts after the preparation of First Degree and your Initiation which follows. Keep in mind that the information received via the Orphetic Mysteries is repeatable and verifiable, and also sometimes uses double-blind techniques of ciphers and unknown languages to convey answers. These are they ways in which the sources of the information (i.e. the spirit communicating) proves to those present that the information came from the minds of no one in the room. The details of these techniques, the rituals, the testing methods of the spirits, and other such things are what you are being trained for and will be divulged at the proper point in the degrees.

Now, with all of that in mind, I can begin to answer your question about who is speaking for Babalon, etc. I am sure after reading the above information thoroughly, you realize that the Orphetic Mysteries, and particularly the Triangle of Manifestation are a form of Evocation, although we have other words for the different aspects of this process. This means that a spirit is brought into this Manifest Realm, to be communicated with here. One is not going there, or skrying some other realm, or remote viewing anything. The spirit is brought here, into the physical, and given the ability to speak aloud. The methods for doing this are physical, and ritualistic and involve modifications of the Spirit, your own, the Priestess and the spirit being called. There is a Triangulation, hence the Triangle of Manifestation. That is fine for most spirits being called. But Babalon Herself is called by a much more advanced method in the Inner Temple known as the Supreme Ritual. These methods are Ecstatic in nature, and potentially involve many people in the process. These methods are only performed by Her most devoted servants, who have pledged their life to Her, and give themselves up in the Supreme Ritual to Her in order that She manifest in the flesh, full-bodied, and walk the earth. There is a great deal of energy which is needed to make this happen, and the orgiastic mysteries of the Underworld - those of sex and death intertwined as in the Temples of old - are utilized also in those Rites. It is only for those who have devoted themselves to Her completely, and only they will ever know Her Court in this way. The words from Babalon from the website which you have read come from this method and only represent a small amount of what we have received. The Orphetic snake which speaks here is from Her own tongue, not the Hagia’s or anyone else’s. As far as Her words being Holy, I would say no - not in the monotheistic sense of the Bible. No words are. But they are Divine, and have special meaning for those to whom She speaks. She mostly teaches and awakens, in ways in which the listener will understand and experience. In this way it is often revelatory for those that are spoken to. This experience is non-transferable, so it does not do much good to give them to the public, as most of it will not be understood and therefore seem meaningless.

The Underworld journey is the intensified experience of sex, death and transformation. This is the experience of Her presence, even more so than any words which are spoken. There are a host of other beings from the underworld, in Her service or in an Alliance with Her, as well as many of the Angels and all of the Heptarchia which are tasked with the actual communication and teaching of much of which is on the web site. They are a vast array of beings which all have their Offices, or purposes, their areas of expertise about which they teach in various ways. And then there is the Genius of the Hagia as a Nine, which is a whole other issue, and provides a good bulk of the information found in Book I, which is written for another purpose entirely.

From the Shadows of the Brotherhood,

In Nomine Babalon et Vox Sanctae Meretricis

Carus Babalonis
Na Nia Het Hotep

Ending Flourish

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