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Glossary of Terms

The Triangle of Manifestation

Triangle of ManifestationThis is the ancient, true and secret method of evoking spirits into physical realms and is the cornerstone of the teachings of the Outer Temple in Templum Babalonis. It is impossible to accomplish this method without a properly trained Priestess who can function as a Liminal Gateway.  For has it not been said that "woman is the Triangle of Manifestation"? A man alone can not evoke a spirit to manifestation in the physical realm, without possession, for he lacks the proper physical equipment. This method has nothing to do with the commonly written method involving the Triangle of Art, which is a mere blind for the true and secret method, nor does it involve any tricks with eyesight, mirrors, smoke, altered states of consciousness or trance-possession. The true Triangle of Manifestation effects an actual face-to-face manifestation on the material plane of the spirit evoked.

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