The Temple of Babalon in Ophidia
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Glossary of Terms


HagiaThe Holy Woman, a title of one the Nine when one incarnates in the Lineage as the daughter of the Great Liberating Mother and assumes the great and terrible responsibility which that entails. The Temple is always run by the Hagia as king, and she has absolute authority therein. Note well that there are no queens in Ophidia, only women kings. The Hagia is born with enough memory intact from previous incarnations that She can prove her identity based upon secret objects and magical formulas which She remembers. These objects and formulas are known to no one outside of the office of Hagia, or an interim Hagia Porne who rules during the times when none of the Nine are manifest. Many Adepts who are not necessarily the Hagia will also be born with an uncanny understanding of the Ophidian ways, and with some former memories intact as well. The current Hagia of Templum Babalonis is the Principalia Aureavia. Pronounced Hah-gee-ah, not Hah-jee-ah.

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