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Glossary of Terms


PriestessA title of a woman dedicated to a particular Goddess. The use of the word dedication here is technically important, as it is an actual life commitment to stand for and with that particular Goddess. Having merely a sense of affinity or affiliation with a particular Goddess, or simply "liking the image" of a Goddess is not a dedication. Usually there is a series of Initiations that must be undergone and teachings which must be assimilated and behavioral changes which must be enacted before the Goddess of that particular Temple accepts the candidate as a Priestess. In action a Priestess generally acts as Liminal Gateway for her Goddess, and carries out Her Will upon the planet. Because of this, a Priestess must always be born female, as she must physically possess a womb to accomplish this act. It is the female body itself which provides the ability to function as a Priestess in this way. In modern times the people have completely lost touch with the old traditions and with actions of spiritual commitment, and people routinely self-proclaim themselves "Priestesses" of this or that without any real commitment or accomplishment. In actuality these claims hold little if any real meaning as these people have no real connection to any Goddess other than mere feelings of affinity, or as a trendy image to be portrayed to others for attention, or as an act of role-playing in groups.

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