The Temple of Babalon in Ophidia
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Answers from the Brotherhood

01 Triangle of Manifestation
04 Seven Guiding Principles
05 Justified Nature of a Thing
06 Principles of Natura
07 The Golden Path
08 The Role of Men in the Temple
10 Concerning the Voice of Babalon

The Role of Men

What is the role of men in the Temple?

Can men join the Temple?

This Temple would not exist without men, just as our species would not. Do not assume that because the Temple is female led, that men are any less important. For example, the advice of men in leadership positions is essential for the decision making process, in order to have a more complete picture of any given situation. All sides and perspectives are considered in full before action is taken. Some parts of our Heka utilize a binary system, in that it requires the polarity of the biological energy of the male and female bodies in Ritual, i.e. a penis and a womb needs to be physically present. But this is only in a few instances in the Orphetic Mysteries. Please keep in mind that this has nothing to do with one's gender identity or sexual orientation. But in all other ways and in all other rituals men and women are completely interchangeable in their roles, which are decided only by their inclination, ability and attainment.

From the Shadows of the Brotherhood,

In Nomine Babalon et Vox Sanctae Meretricis

Carus Babalonis
Na Nia Het Hotep

Ending Flourish

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