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What is the Temple of Babalon?

The Temple of Babalon is a Mystery School dedicated to the devotion and worship of the incarnation of the Great Liberating Mother who is currently known as Babalon. All Dedicated Members of the Temple live in Ophidia in service and dedication to Babalon Herself, and Her Daughters. Associate Members may live anywhere in the world. Dedicated Membership in the Temple is Anonymous and Secret, while Associate Membership is not so restricted. Associate Membership is open to all who are in good standing with the Temple while Dedicated Membership is by invitation only for those who have a very sincere and special calling to Her service, and who are willing to offer oneself in complete dedication to Her.

Mystery School

A Mystery School is an institution which teaches esoteric and magical spirituality in a direct and experiential way, as opposed to the symbolic and intellectual approach of the modern esoteric groups. The wisdom of the Temple is based on a core set of philosophies and spiritual principles that guides the student to contact their own Spirit, their divinity within themselves. This is accomplished through a series of Initiations with corresponding teachings that must be mastered by the student before moving on to the next Initiation. These Initiation Cycles, or Degrees, are centered on the Mysteries and Rites of Sex and Death. These are the Mysteries of the Underworld. These Mysteries are kept secret from the uninitiated, who would misinterpret and defile them without the proper experiential knowledge gained by the Initiation and other rituals which accompany it. These Mysteries and their Initiatory steps increase the studentís spiritual awareness and powers in gradual steps, towards Adeptship, which is total self-mastery by the Spirit over the Persona.


Ophidia is the sacred land of the Ophidians, dedicated to Gaia on one hand, and the Great Liberating Mother on the other. Ophidia is the place of the New Indigene, and all who live there follow the Principles of Natura, into which they are Initiated in the Elemental Degrees. All Dedicated Temple Members live off-grid in the land of Ophidia, practicing a ritualized life in nature. In this way, the students are not distracted by the demands of the modern world with its need for jobs, money and slavery to corporations. All food and shelter is provided for from Ophidia itself, in a communal setting under the leadership of the Nine. All modern technologies and amenities are forsaken in order to experience a life in the way of the ancient people of the Goddess. However there is a central modern building which provides access to things like the Internet and electricity.

Temples, Chapterhouses and Shrines of Babalon

The structure of the physical Temple throughout the world is based upon the system of Temples, Chapterhouses and Shrines.

Temples form the heart of Liminal Point to the Great Liberating Mother and can only be created by the proper Rituals performed by a confirmed Nine. Initiations, tests, degree advancement, and other special rituals can only take place within a Temple. In addition, Temples are the main place where Dedicated Members live while carrying out their work for the Great Liberating Mother. At this time there is only one Temple in the entire world, located in the wooded lands of Southern Indiana, USA.

Chapterhouses are the second tier of the Temple system and can be created by Associate Members who have been Confirmed, and who have had a Shrine for at least one Lunar Year. In addition to the Rites and services performed at Shrines, the Chapterhouse may also function as a meeting place for Ophidians, a place of study and practice for Associate Members, and an outlet for the various needs of the Temple Guilds in that part of the world. Special Festival Day Ceremonies and Public Celebrations may be also performed at Chapterhouses who have established the facilities for such ventures. Another goal of the Chapterhouse is to form strong links between local members in the area of the Chapterhouse and the nearest Temple. In this way they provide support for the Associate Members in their work and training as well as generating assistance in getting those Chapterhouse Members to the Temple on a periodic basis for special training, practice and spiritual rejuvenation in the natural setting of Ophidia. Shrines and Chapterhouses also function as temporary places of hospitality and comfort for those Ophidians who are traveling in that area of the world. Their doors should always be open, but the visitors should never overstay their welcome.

Shrines form the third tier of the Temple system. Shrines are simple places created for the worship of Babalon and the Nine and may be started by any Associate Member. Creating a Shrine involves the implementation and maintenance of a physical Shrine to Babalon. The Mistress or Master of the Shrine must perform the daily rituals and offerings for that Shrine according to the Rituals and Customs of the Via Babalonis which are provided by the Temple. All previous incarnations of the Great Liberating Mother and Her Allies are welcome to have a place in the shrine, as long as Her current Incarnation of Babalon takes precedent therein. In addition to the daily Rituals of the Shrine, there are also Feasts and Celebrations which must be performed. In this way Shrines and Chapterhouses provide the important magickal foundation for the ingress of the energy of the Great Liberating Mother into that part of the world. Thus may Her Reclamation begin to spread, even before the occurrence of the Great Shuddering.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is available world-wide beginning on the Spring Equinox of 2015 to those who wish to affiliate with the Temple of Babalon and follow the public curriculum of the Temple, learning the ways of Heka and Natura. To be considered for Associate Membership, one must be in good standing with the Temple, and agree to a simple code of conduct. Associate Members will then gain access to the public curriculum, training and the help of Dedicated Temple Members. Associate Members may also have access to some of the Guilds of the Temple, and may help in the work therein. The main task of the Associate Member however is the enacting of the Curriculum in their daily life, pursuing their Will, and learning of the Ophidian ways. Dedicated Members will be available to answer questions and to help guide the Associate Members in their practices, and private discussion groups will be made available. Associate Members who complete the various curriculum parts may have the opportunity to visit Ophidia and undergo direct Initiation to become Confirmed Members. Confirmed Members carry more status and privileges earned by their hard work. All Associate Members will also have the opportunity to attend certain gatherings and rituals in Ophidia, if so desired. Associate Members may cease their involvement at any time. There is no charge or fees for Associate Membership - only oneís dedication and diligence is required.

Dedicated Membership

Dedicated Membership in Templum Babalonis is obtained by invitation only. Only the most sincere and dedicated individuals who feel a complete and undeniable calling to Babalonís Service will otherwise be considered. All Dedicated Members must live in Ophidia. All members who become Dedicated to Babalon do so in a manner which requires their involvement to be anonymous and secret. The only exceptions to this rule are for the founders, whose legal names by necessity must appear on legal and financial documents. The rules of anonymity and secrecy were instituted under the command of Ra Hoor Khuit himself very early on, in order to assure the purity of purpose and dedication for those who wished to join the Temple. It ensures that those who wish to serve in dedication in this Temple seek nothing in the way of public gratification for their Persona in return. Only those who are willing to give all of themselves to Babalon, without any hope of recognition for themselves publicly will be considered for membership.


Templum Babalonis is a 501c(3) tax exempt religious organization which was founded in August of the year 2000. The work that is made public by the Temple is given to the world at large for free. We do not sell books containing spiritual teachings for a profit. The Temple never charges for Initiation or Spiritual training in any way. This is the one true way to know the imposters. The value of coin holds no currency with us, or the Spirits we are allied with. Money as such is not needed by Dedicated Temple members. This is important for money is the root of so much compromise in the Persona in regards to the Spirit. It is one of the true great evils of our time. Donations are not usually accepted, except in rare circumstances. Instead the Temple is built upon a principle of reciprocity, not monetary exploitation. Ophidia provides all that the Temple needs by way of food and shelter, in return for the service of its members working the land. The real Bounty of Fortuna lies beneath your feet. It is there that one can find a prosperity much more valuable and useful than any coin.

Public Opinion

The Temple does not exist in order to service the public at large, or to gratify that same public in any way. The concerns and opinions of outsiders concerning the Temple mean very little to us. In short - you do not get a say. With that said, the rule of the Temple is to reciprocate the attitude of those who approach us. You will get from the Temple what you give, and in the manner in which you give it. The Temple exists solely to execute the Will and agenda of Babalon, and the Nine, Her Daughters. To support this mission, the Temple also exists as a refuge for the Miha, as a place of paradise and safety for them away from the corrupt and degenerate world of modernity. Many members do not consider themselves human in their Spirit, and appreciate a place away from the madness which seeks to consume the life of this planet.

The Temple releases information as it Will to the public at large for its own purposes in PROVIDENCE, under the direction of Babalon and the Nine.

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