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Answers from the Brotherhood

01 Triangle of Manifestation
04 Seven Guiding Principles
05 Justified Nature of a Thing
06 Principles of Natura
07 The Golden Path
08 The Role of Men in the Temple
10 Concerning the Voice of Babalon

Justified Nature

I guess to fully state my questions what are the principals of Justified Natura?

First, let me say that "Natura" is a set of principles which we try to live by in Ophidia. I will answer about Natura in a different place. The "Justified nature" of any given thing or being describes what is proper for any manifest thing. It is similar to the Will of any thing, but concerns itself with the actual morality of carrying out of that Will amongst the living here in the Manifest Realm. Therefore the Justified nature of any given being is governed by the Spirit of that being when it incarnates. A simple example is as follows using a turtle. A turtle is justified in its nature to hunt and eat insects, because that is what turtles do in their natural environment if left unmolested by corruption. The biological vehicle of the incarnating turtle, i.e. its body, was designed by Nature to do such a thing. So it is no use feeling sorry for the insects that are consumed, for example, because the turtle is a creature of the environment it is born into, and more importantly born from. It is born from Gaia, its body coming from Her body, and part of its soul formed from Hers. Soul here being the incarnate portion of its Spirit when it is manifest in a body (and let us not become distracted here by how a turtle's Spirit may differ from a humans). As one moves into more complex beings, however, it often becomes a more complicated situation. Humans can manifest Spirit energy in ways that other creatures can not. We can be conduits for it - especially females, because of their wombs. It is what it is designed for - holding life force energy which comes from outside of the female. Therefore in general we humans have an awareness about our own natures that other creatures do not, and so also a choice and responsibility in everything we do. The animals are innocent in this regard, and we are not.

Our tribal ancestors solved this problem with their indigenous ways. All human indigene is land-based, tied to a Spirit of a Place (Genius Loci). All indigenes, before agriculture, were also hunter based, both of plants and animals. This is the Justified Nature of a predatory animal, to hunt. This is what Nature made us to be. But because of our type of Spirit, we have awareness of our actions, and so therefore responsibility for our actions. In order to keep ourselves free from imbalance (the kind of which humanity is now experiencing in the extreme) we must pursue a Justified way of living and feeding, so that we act in accordance with Gaia’s ways. Our Justified Nature comes from both the Will of our Incarnation (i.e. our personal purpose for being here, why one incarnated) and from our biological imperative inherited from Nature as She made us. There is Harmonia when these two things are matched in union. We are Justified in our life when we live in this way, and ecstatic feelings of happiness accompany that state more and more as one comes into this way of being. This is one of the goals of the Natura part of our training, and helps one's Heka in ways which are quite profound.

From the Shadows of the Brotherhood,

In Nomine Babalon et Vox Sanctae Meretricis

Carus Babalonis
Na Nia Het Hotep

Ending Flourish

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