The Temple of Babalon in Ophidia
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Glossary of Terms


A word used by Babalon with great contempt as it signifies all Monotheists, but particularly the early Hebrew semitic tribes, from which all others are spawned. She pronounces the word as "eek-tohs". The image intended is one of "fish people", which is something that She also calls them. This image of "Fish People" refers not so much to the Christian symbolism of Christ as the fish, but rather the earlier Hebrew tribal totems of the fish, from which Christianity heavily borrowed. For examples of this in the historical record see the Amorite God Dagon. The Amorites are one branch of the Ichthyos. Another branch of Ichthyos are the Hyksos who first appeared in recorded history around 1800 BCE in the eastern Nile Delta of Egypt. Linguistically, the names Ichthyos and Hyksos are obviously related.

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