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Glossary of Terms


Spirit1) Usually pictured as a Serpent, the Spirit is sometimes called your True Self, Divine Self or Divine Spirit and is always capitalized in order to differentiate it from other types of spirits, such as shades, elementals, angels or demons, to name a few. In Egyptian, it was called the Khu which came from the Khabs. This Spirit is your immortal, divine, unique, higher self which incarnates into flesh in order to achieve its divine purpose, which we call its Will. It is immortal in that it is deathless, and imperishable. It is divine in that it is incorruptible and perfect in its nature and possesses a consciousness with a much greater horizon than your own manifest self. It is unique in that it is like no other Spirit in both its nature and consciousness, yet always recognizable in every incarnation no matter which different body you are born into. It is your higher self in that it creates and informs all that you are, and without which you would certainly cease. See also Membra Animae.

2) The source of all life and consciousness in the universe, which manifests by means of the Goddess Nuit. Spirit is that which animates life itself.

3) Any entity or being which has conscious intelligence, but which is not immediately visible to mundane human perception. This includes Shades, Demons, Angels, Elementals and the like. The classifications of such beings and their variety throughout the universe is endless.

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