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Answers from the Brotherhood

01 Triangle of Manifestation
04 Seven Guiding Principles
05 Justified Nature of a Thing
06 Principles of Natura
07 The Golden Path
08 The Role of Men in the Temple
10 Concerning the Voice of Babalon

The Golden Path

What is the Golden Path?

I find comfort in the Golden Path that Babalon speaks of, although I do not fully understand it all, I do know that it is the Path to Freedom. The feelings that awakened in me when reading are powerful and familiar.

I too share your sentiments. It is a beautiful thing, and the only chance for survival in the face of what is coming. The Hagia's name given to her by Babalon is Aureavia, the Golden Path, and it is her purpose and Will in this incarnation to inaugurate this pathway into the future for those who desire this. Babalon is extremely wise and very cunning and She has been planning this for a very long time. She has said that we are “in the eye” of the storm here. Apparently the Tibetan Buddhists agree because their Oracle told the Dali Lama to build one of their main monasteries here for the same reason. We did not know that at the time, but only found out about that a few years ago. They actually have two here now. The Golden Path is about the beginning of the return to the Golden Age, and what Babalon calls the Reclamation. This is the “taking back of what is Hers” She spoke of. It is also the Reclamation of the Female to her rightful place, with all of her powers reawakened in full consciousness. Aureavia has returned to inaugurate this Golden Path at the time of greatest degeneracy in humanity when everything is upside down and no one will listen. In fact they seek to destroy any traces of such a thing. People hate us and often vilify us. This makes us smile. It is not for them. They are already dead. It is for those few who are here to help, and hopefully survive. And that is why I serve her and Babalon with my life, so that the men will see the power in serving something greater than themselves, and in the figure of a woman - which is a key in reawakening the ancient nobility which existed in men before they were changed into the ugly self-serving things which rule this planet today. But the Golden Path can not be stopped, any more than the Shuddering can. The Titans are on the move, and the Earth Changes are happening. It is not a matter of belief now, but of survival.

From the Shadows of the Brotherhood,

In Nomine Babalon et Vox Sanctae Meretricis

Carus Babalonis
Na Nia Het Hotep

Ending Flourish

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