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What is the Temple of Babalon?

The Temple of Babalon is a Mystery School dedicated to the devotion and worship of the incarnation of the Great Liberating Mother who is currently known as Babalon. The Temple is an Ophidian organization and practices Ophidian Thelema. In addition, the Temple teaches many forms of Heka, which includes the Orphetic Mysteries.

Mystery School

A Mystery School is an institution which teaches esoteric and magical spirituality in a direct and experiential way, as opposed to the symbolic and intellectual approach of the modern esoteric groups. The wisdom of the Temple is based on a core set of philosophies and spiritual principles that guides the student to contact their own Spirit, their divinity within themselves. This is accomplished through a series of Initiations with corresponding teachings that must be mastered by the student before moving on to the next Initiation. These Initiation Cycles, or Degrees, are centered on the Mysteries and Rites of Sex and Death. These are the Mysteries of the Underworld. These Mysteries are kept secret from the uninitiated, who would misinterpret and defile them without the proper experiential knowledge gained by the Initiation and other rituals which accompany it. Without this experiential wisdom, they simply would not understand them, or worse yet as often happens, misinterpret them. These Mysteries and their Initiatory steps increase the studentís spiritual awareness and powers in gradual steps, towards Adeptship, which is total self-mastery by the Spirit over the Persona.

How to Join Us

If you do not live in the immediate vicinity of Bloomington, Indiana, then there are two ways to affiliate with the Temple. There is the Devotional Path to Babalon and there is the Ritual Path of the Mysteries of Heka. The choice to pursue either, or both, can only be determined by your Will alone.

Mystery Babalon: The Bhaktic and Ecstatic Rites of Babalon

The first way to associate with the Temple is through the Shrine system and the Bhaktic and Ecstatic Rites of Babalon. This path is for those seeking to devote themselves in dedication and worship to Babalon as a Goddess, in their own way. The Devotees of Dea Babalon are tasked with creating a Shrine to Babalon in your local area and practicing the Bhaktic and Ecstatic Rites of Babalon there. The choice of which of these Rites you practice, and how public you desire to be with these Rites, are your own. The Shrine Council will offer support and guidelines for the Shrine System, as well as the rituals and practices required to maintain your Shrine. These instructions can be found in a book entitled: Mystery Babalon: The Bhaktic Rites of Babalon. This book will be available in hard copy, for those who desire to have it in a printed format, or for free from the temple in digital form. People from all walks of life and from any level of understanding, are encouraged to participate in whatever way they Will. Running a Shrine to Babalon does not mean that you have to join the Temple of Babalon, or that you agree with the Philosophy of the Temple or any other organization. Nor will you have your creativity curtailed in any way according to your own Will. People from other orders, groups, covens and festivals of all types are encouraged to create their own shrine for public and/or private use. The Shrines are non-denominational in nature. The only requirements are that you follow the guidelines for Shrines, which will keep your Shrine in good standing on the list of Shrines, and so assure visiors that you are a safe and legitimate place which they can contact or visit for the ecstatic worship of Babalon. The Guildlines for Shrines, Sanctuaries and Chapterhouses will be made available in the near future. The act of Creating a Shrine and practicing the Bhaktic Rites of Babalon will appeal to those who have sensual and artistic appetites, and who enjoy the transformation of devotional experiences and exchanges of the Babalon energy. There are no charges or fees for participating in the Shrine system - only oneís sincere dedication and diligence is required. More information can be found on Facebook here and on the Shrine website here.

Templum Babalonis: The Orphetic Mysteries of Heka

The second way to associate with the Temple is through the Initiatory system of the Temple and the Orphetic Mysteries of Heka. This is a very serious path, which requires the utmost dedication. As proof of one's dedication, all worldly attachments (cell phone, job, worldly ambitions and money) must be surrendered to a charity of your choosing. Only once this proof of one's sncerity towards Babalon and Her Mysteries has been offered will the candidate then be taken on as a direct student in Ophidia of the Hagia for instruction in the Orphetic Mysteries of the Underworld.


Templum Babalonis is a 501c(3) tax exempt religious organization which was founded in August of the year 2000. The work that is made public by the Temple is given to the world at large for free. We do not sell books containing spiritual teachings for a profit. The Temple never charges for Initiation or Spiritual training in any way. This is the one true way to know the imposters. The value of coin holds no currency with us, or the Spirits we are allied with. Money as such is not needed by Dedicated Temple members. This is important for money is the root of so much compromise in the Persona in regards to the Spirit. It is one of the true great evils of our time. Donations are not usually accepted, except in rare circumstances. Instead the Temple is built upon a principle of reciprocity, not monetary exploitation. Ophidia provides all that the Temple needs by way of food and shelter, in return for the service of its members working the land. The real Bounty of Fortuna lies beneath your feet. It is there that one can find a prosperity much more valuable and useful than any coin.

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