The Temple of Babalon in Ophidia
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Glossary of Terms


ManifestationThe process by which spirit or spiritual energy becomes materialized. This manifestation can be of some spiritual intelligence such as an Angel manifesting to visible appearance upon the material plane, or simply some spiritual energy which causes some effect in the material. All spiritual manifestation follows a process which includes the steps of Katarche and Apotelesma. Katarche is the ruling spiritual principle or power behind any manifestation, or the inaugural steps of a ritual to manifest something via Heka. Katarche is both the spiritual ruling power and principles which govern the manifestation, and the impulse which causes it to come into being. The result of this spiritual impulse or ritual inauguration is the material result of the manifestation itself, or the Apotelesma. Being worldly in nature, the connection from the Apotelesma back to the originating Katarche may not always be apparent, unless one can find the Fila connecting the two events.

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