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Book I: Prosapia
The Axiomata of the Ophidian Lineage

  Chapter 5: On the Nature of Babalon

Book II: Principia
The Philosophy of Ophidian Thelema

  Chapter 5: The Nature of the World Soul II
  Chapter 6: The Priestesses of Heka
  Chapter 7: The Ordeals of Underworld
  Chapter 8: The Principles of the
                      Great Liberating Mother
  Chapter 9: The Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun

Book III: Natura
The Customs of the Ophidian Indigene

Book IV: Commentaria
The Account of Ophidian Proclamations

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Book V: Heka
The Rituals of the Temple.

(To remain mostly unpublished.)

Book VI: Liber Spirituum
The Records of the Spirits.

(To remain unpublished.)

The Magickal Philosophy of Templum Babalonis

Book II - Principia

The Philosophy of Ophidian Thelema

Also known as: The Principles


Chapter 4 - The Nature of the World Soul: Part I

Anima Mundi, Living Traditions and the Elements

"There is a mechanism that brings order to the Universe. It is seen in all things. All things that are living. There is a motion that was utilized in certain movements that conveyed an understanding with the rituals of the old people. An acknowledgement of the movement of the winds and the movement of energy and the movement of time that circles around, always spinning, always moving in a circular motion. It can be seen within what you call space when the Universes turn, with wisps and spirals and energies and birth and death and movement. It can be seen in the winds. It can be seen in the clouds. It can be seen in everything that moves in this way. The thing that differentiates life from all other things is this undulation. They call it the Philomentia. Which is why the smallest of things that can be seen, or smaller then can be seen, they have what they call filaments: these things that make movement. Which is where the name Philomene1 came from.

"These things can be interpreted from different perspectives. Which is why a raging storm can be seen as an expression. Which is why, when you sit here on Earth, and you view a planet and you see the spinning upon its surface it can be seen as a language of its own. Which is why when you view Earth from space you can see that it is speaking loudly. These languages are understood by beings that are not so small. Because they can see it. They can hear the words. Whether it be a galaxy, or a Universe speaking, or a planet. This is why you had spirals carved on stone. It is all the same language. It holds within it the numerologies and the musical notes, and the harmonies. That is why the numbers exist in the brains of humans. Not because humans thought of them, but because humans recognize them. Humans donít think of anything, they recognize, just like all other animals, they recognize things. They think they have the origin of them inside themselves, but they donít, they have a recognition of them inside themselves. You understand the difference.

"You understand the difference. This is nothing but a collection of memory and recognition, though they do not understand that."2

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The swirling motion of Philomentia.Often people ask the Temple for an explanation of Cosmology, an explanation of Origins. It is very important to people to understand where they have come from, and why they have found themselves here, in this place, at this time. No other animal on this planet seeks out these explanations in this way, as far as we know. No other animal is concerned about why they exist, and why they live where they do, and what their purpose is. Other animals are not born with a missing identity, as humans are. It seems as though humans have found themselves here on this planet unexpectedly, in a strange place that they are not fully adapted to, not knowing who they are or what they should do next. And unlike all of the other animals, humans have no innate ability to survive here in this environment without tools and shelter.

Why are humans so different than the other animals on this planet? Why are they so naive about their origins? Why do they not know why they are here, or what they are supposed to do? Why do they seek out their purpose, which is unknown to them? This purpose, this knowledge about oneís origins is vitally important to people for a good reason - it forms the basis of oneís identity. It is very difficult to know what choices to make in life if you donít know who you are, and why you are here. Knowing where one has come from, and therefore who one is, also tells one where one should go, and what one should do with their life. Without the information provided by this history, apathy and degeneracy set in amongst the people. It is the narrative of a personís history which informs one about which choices one should make, and how to make them. It gives one a sense of esteem and identity, which are so important for oneís connection to spiritual well-being. And it is this story of oneís history and oneís origins which also defines the limits of oneís understanding about what life is, and therefore what oneís purpose is here amongst the living.

History, origins and identity.So you can now see that this narrative, this history, this story about life and its origins is very important. Without it, people are lost. With it, they feel an identity and purpose, and know how to live well. It is that simple. When a people are conquered, the first act of all conquerors since the Aryan times is to wipe the history and culture clean from the memory of the conquered people. In doing so, they become culturally depressed and dispossessed of their will to fight for who they once were. A people with a strong identity will fight to the death to preserve their culture and their way of life. The conquered people loose their identity, and therefore their purpose. Slavery and assimilation are much more easily accomplished when a people are in this dispossessed state. They become literally de-possessed of their own Spirit. And this is why since the degeneration from the Ancient times of the Great Liberating Mother that there have been so many struggles for control of this narrative about origins and history. The Aryans and their children the Ichthyos have sought to destroy and remove all traces of the original Cosmologies of the Goddess in order to dispossess the people of their purpose and power. They do this at the behest of their masters. They wish for the people to be something other than they once were. And so one can now see that as these narratives about our origins have changed, so too has humanity changed. As these cosmic histories, these Cosmologies have risen and fallen, so too has humanity.

Kephra PectoralOften the Temple is asked about these Cosmologies because the people who wish to come to us are imprinted with a story and purpose comprised mostly of modern notions and narratives. They want to make sure that the Temple is compliant with these inherited notions and narratives, too. They want to make sure that we already agree with them, and their idea of their origin and purpose, as they have learned it from their books and friends. They want to assure themselves that we are already in agreement with whatever appears to be fashionable to them in that way. Some want to know if the Temple teaches of a creator, a divine being, who created everything in the universe and all that lives, for they can not imagine anything more than that. Or they want to know if the Temple is Hermetic and Kabbalistic in its understandings and preaches the origins as delineated by those systems, because that is what has been taught to them. Some want to assure themselves that we are atheistic and that we recognize their myth of the big bang, or that the Elohimís creation of the world is that same big bang. Or perhaps they want to know if we are a bit more tricky than that, and if we adhere to the subtle reversal of that notion by the Gnostics with their Archons and the like. Some want to know if there are negative existences in layers of unmanifest unimaginable unknowingness which underpin all that is manifest. And surely we are fashionably satanic and employ demons and devils of all sorts to cast fear into the masses in some artistically hellish rebellion against Christianity and modern western values? Are we Platonic? Neo-Platonic? Pythagorean? Hermetic? Is the Temple Advaitist? Monotheistic? Dualistic? Gnostic? Polytheistic? Pantheistic? Is it all a dream, an unreality of maya, a cruel trick of quantum physics where we are all connected, yet at the same time it is all illusion?

We Ophidians say to you that we give credence to none of this, or any of the other grand fantasies which come from the minds of men over the last few Aeons. And we will show you why.

Every system of Cosmology since the Fall of mankind away from the Great Liberating Mother has been a degeneration further and further away from the original Cosmology of those early Ophidians. This original Cosmology was given to mankind by the spirits and guardians of life, who are the denizens of the Underworld, through those ancient Priestesses utilizing the Triangle of Manifestation. This original Cosmology described the process of creation of all life out of the Underworld. And this process of creation has no beginning. It is in fact endless, timeless and forever changing. This is not comprehendible by most people. The cosmological mechanics of this process were described in the Seven Guiding Principles, from which all other Principles and philosophies descend. And out of this grand mechanism of Cosmology, which expands outward from the Underworld, all of the Realms and their inhabitants were explained and described. In this way the purpose of each, including that of humans, was made plain for all to see.

Lotus pillar ruinsBut, as mankind became more and more separated from Spirit, and the methods of true spirit communication became lost to the majority of people, they also lost the connection to their source. The people lost the original ways of true Knowledge and Conversation with their own trusted spirits and guardians. And so they also lost their history. When questions were asked about the reasons for existence and no Priestess was there to give the true answers from the spirit world as they once did, the people had to think up answers on their own, most often in imitation of those missing Priestesses of old. Because of this loss of communication with the Lineage, the original Cosmology degenerated into new mythologies and philosophies which held many of the same symbols and ideas of the original, but which now had been stripped of their original meaning and history. In this manner the Cosmologies naturally became more and more centered on mind and contemplation of symbols and ideas, as opposed to the experience of manifest Spirit in the flesh as it was in the presence of the ancient Priestesses. In this way it can now be seen why it is that after the degeneration most Cosmologies are based upon the rational functions of the mind, the senses, and the limits imposed upon consciousness by these factors.

As an example, consider that one of the most common themes throughout all Cosmologies, whether they are Atheistic or Monotheistic, is the notion of the beginning of creation itself - the beginning of all things. Now the mindís own thinking and wondering about its very own origins are limited within a certain framework of understanding - that of beginnings and endings. This is so because the mind has a beginning and an ending of its own. It was born, it lived and it will die with the body. So this is the framework of the understanding of its own existence. And nothing can be thought of without a framework of some sort, for Air itself is empty and must be defined. Therefore because of this, it is assumed as an unquestionable fact that everything else functions in the same way, with the same framework, including creation itself. It must have an origin as well. It must have a source, just as the mind does. After all, the mind came from something before it. Or at the very least it appeared out of nothing, like an unexplainable miracle. And the mind certainly has an end, as does the body. Therefore, since the mind sees its own mortality, and an unknowable gulf beyond, it assumes as logical the idea that all other processes work in the same manner throughout the Universe. It observes that there was a gulf before its own existence, and there is a gulf afterward, and there is existence in between. And by its observations of the world it seems to the mind that all things work this way: birth, life and death.

But Spirit, unlike the mind and the Persona is deathless. Spirit is eternal. And Spirit is the source of all manifest life. There is no unconnected manifestation, no void of being, where something exists and lives but somehow without a Spirit tethering that existence. So therefore there are no ends at all. There is only change. And this brings us to the First Guiding Principle of that most ancient Cosmology:

All things are born, and change.

All things are born and change.There is no end. There is no Death. "There is no dread hereafter,3" as it is said in the Book of Law. There is only dissolution in the Underworld, which is change, and very often rebirth. Death is only the beginning of a new manner of existing. This is a very difficult concept for modern, Cartesian-based thinkers to accept. There is no place and no thing without Spirit, for as we will show that all which exists is in fact the result of Spirit manifesting: in life, in matter, and in the Realms. And the results of this Spirit manifesting in all of these ways produces everything that you can and can not see all around you. Spirit creates every object, every planet, every element and every universe - through the process of the manifesting of life itself. For endless, boundless Spirit permeates all that is - endlessly. It always has and always will without end - despite the limitations of oneís own mind to be able to conceive of this. And, most confusing of all for modern thinkers, is the fact that there is no separation between Spirit and matter. There is no other-worldliness to pursue. There is no other place which is more real than this reality of the here and now.

This is the First Point on the Star of Seven. This is the First Triangle of the Seven Triangles. This is the First Spoke in the Wheel of Divine Spirit held by Fortuna, Helena, Kybele, Bona Dea, Babalon and many, many others. This is the Wheel which they have tried to shatter, in order to rob you of your divine destiny, and to enslave you for their own wretched purposes. And let it be understood that this Wheel moves through Sky, Earth and Underworld. It moves through all of the Realms and all of existence and nothing exists which is not defined by these Seven Guiding Principles. The Seven Guiding Principles describe the very mechanics of existence itself, and all other principles depend upon these. Moreover, all of the other Seven Guiding Principles extend from and agree with this First Divine Principle: All things are born, and change.4

So let there finally be an end to the Monad, to the Logos, to the Godhead, to the wretched ONE. "My prophet is a fool with his one, one, one.5" There is not one of anything in nature. There is not one sun, or one color, or one of any animal. There is not even one beginning, for if you knew your true spiritual history you would find that your Spirit is continually experiencing new beginnings through new incarnations, ad infinitum. There is not one life, one death, one truth, one word, or one God. But oh how you modern people seek after the One. One love, one life, one universe, one self who is really all other selves, all other manifestation simultaneously. These thoughts are profoundly naive and over-simplistic, limited as they are by the mind that thinks them. For one is a restriction, while the plurality expresses the divine uniqueness of each living thing as it is, regardless of its difference from all other things.

There is confusion here concerning the "one" and feelings of "oneness" in mysticism, because all things are connected through Spirit. And when a person feels a hint of that reality for the first time, they become overwhelmed by the enormity of infinity, and mistake that feeling of connection as something other than it is. They think because they can feel a connection to a thing, that they must also somehow be that thing. And when they feel the connections of things with all other things, then they conclude that they must really be God! Or one with the universe! Or that the separateness must have been an illusion! But, it is not true. It is only a feeling of connection through the immortal Spirit. They are in fact using a Fila from their Spirit to all other spirit, and it is more than they can comprehend in the limited capacity of their mind. An overwhelming feeling of connected enormity ensues. One must not confuse a feeling of connection, a Fila, for the thing one is feeling connected to. You are not a God, or one with everything. You are simply a part of everything - and isnít that really good enough? After all, you are still a part of the same reality you were before you experienced the profound feeling of the Fila to your Spirit. Nothing has really changed for you. A gun to your head will still kill you dead. That is your proof that you have not yet become a God, merely by having an experience, or a realization, or thinking a thought. And therefore, so much for the One - and all of the philosophies and religions which depend upon it.

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Tibetan KapalaLife, as we commonly know it from the viewpoint and limitations of incarnated beings, is the product of that thing which we call Nature. And it is the observance by our Ancestors of the mechanics of this thing called Nature which provided the original morality for all embodied spirit, which is to say all living things. This natural morality, this Natura as we Ophidians call it, is transmitted and communicated through Living Traditions. These traditions are Living because they are informed by the spirits and guardians of our Lineage. These traditions are the result of the interactions between manifest and unmanifest beings, communicating and interacting by means of the Liminal Point. These Living Traditions teach amongst other things the proper, Justified behaviors for a given entity in a given place at a given time. Following these Living Traditions as given by the spirits, Guardians and Priestesses results in bounty and happiness for the devotees. Ignoring them means corruption, disease, degeneration and sorrow. It is really that simple. And that is the original morality.

But Living Traditions can die. When they do this, they do so because the people have lost their ability to enact the Knowledge and Conversation of the unmanifest spirits and guardians which helped to formulate that tradition in the first place. Because of this, the people loose the source of their spiritual knowledge, and therefore it ceases to be living. The people then begin to slavishly follow the tradition as it once was. New information and adaptations are no longer possible. The Living Tradition becomes something else. It becomes a religion.

There are only a few popular spiritual movements today, besides that of Ophidian Thelema, which can claim to be living traditions. The first is the Bon religion of Tibet which still maintains open lines of communication with its ancestral spirits and guardians. The second is what is generally referred to as Voodoo, Santeria and a host of other traditions which follow the African Diaspora across the new world. They too maintain open communication with their ancestral spirits and guardians, which inform their traditions and magickal techniques. This is why so many modern occultists eventually leave their original ceremonial schools of thought based on 18th Century masonry or medieval sorcery in favor of either one or the other Living Traditions of Bon or Voodoo - or sometimes both at once. They seek to experience a true manifestation of spirit into matter, rather than an intellectual or contemplative reenactment of past events.

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Robert Fludd's Anima MundiIn our Living Traditions the spirits and allies of the Great Liberating Mother have taught us many things concerning the hierarchy and nature of this Realm in which we all find ourselves. In this Ophidian Cosmology, Gaia is the intelligent Soul of the World, and the little Sister of Nuit. When we incarnate, a particular Spirit enters into a physical body and endows that body with a life-source of its own. This gives the body volition, and allows it to survive as an independent being outside of and beyond the womb of its host-mother. This manifested life force, this energy which animates the body is the Soul of the incarnating Spirit. The Egyptians called this manifest Soul the Ba, and pictured it as a little bird with a human head.

Now in the same way that our Spirit manifests into this Realm as a Soul within a body, so too does Nuit - the Mother of all Mothers, and the Mother of all things. In fact, She has a tremendous amount of manifestations throughout the Universe, both direct and intermediary. For Nuit is in fact the Spirit of the Universe itself, which manifests endlessly and continually into matter in endless variety and form. Gaia Herself is one such manifestation, and is literally a Soul incarnated from the Spirit which is Nuit. The Earth is Her body in which She is manifested - just as you are in your own body. The collective life-force of the planet is part of Her Soul. That is why She is called by Nuit "my little Sister, my heart and my tongue".6 For Gaia is the mother of all life on this planet, just as Nuit is the Mother of all things in the universe. And that is also why Gaia is called the Anima Mundi, or the World Soul by the Ancients - because She is literally a Soul of Nuit.

Traditional Sami peopleAnd therefore the Original Morality of the Ophidians is the same for us as it was for all of those ancient Goddess worshippers who existed tens of thousands of years ago. It did not matter whether they came from the Lineage of Earth, Sky or Underworld - the morality was the same. And that morality was informed by listening to, communicating with, and following the decrees of Mother Gaia, in the same way that one would listen to their birth-mother when they were children. In an indigene, which is to say a land-based tribal system, this morality is still easy to see. Indigenous tribes are made up of small groups of humans who live directly from the Earth. The Earth provides their shelter, their food, and their clothes. There is no intermediary, nor is one needed. Everything is accomplished on a human scale, by the people themselves. There is no machinery needed. All that one must do to survive therefore is to follow Gaia's rules, for She alone is the hand that feeds. The tribes who do this become very successful in their endeavors. And this success we call Bounty.

Indigenous Himba woman in Ochre.Now it is though our natural innate connection to the World Soul, as biological children of this life force of the planet known as Gaia, that we can know how to find what we need for survival in Nature. If one cultivates a relationship with Her, then one will have access in one's Waters and Fires to new sets of information one did not have access to previously. This is accomplished by spending time learning to feel in your own Waters and Fires Her Soul within and around your own existence. A prerequisite of this process is the forcing of oneself to rely strictly on human-scale methods for oneís life-needs, living far and away from the sounds and dependencies of modernity. All things for oneís own survival must be taken from the natural world in your immediate environment. It is only after a truly natural life has been accomplished, and the Garden of Eden has been regained, that the quiet contemplation of other forms of life as they interact with Her and Her various children in nature will become apparent7. These are the first steps, and the only steps, which will allow one to begin to rediscover the Original Morality of your species. And it should also be obvious that only those who live in a human-scale direct relationship with Gaia will have any inkling of its existence. The rest of the inhabitants of the world are literally lost in levels of abstraction and dependency away from the World Soul, and therefore have no chance at communication with Her at all. And their lives are obvious reflections of this state of being.

It should be noted here, in order to avoid any confusion with the reader, that this way of communicating with Gaia has nothing to do with the Triangle of Manifestation at all. Rather, this is an alignment of oneís own Waters and Fires to those of Gaia so that you may feel your way to answers concerning survival in Nature which one does not normally have access to. Anyone of sound mind, with proper instruction and practice, should be able to accomplish this. In this way oneís priorities, oneís needs and concerns, will naturally change from those of the modern world to something much more ancient. In ancient times, this access to the direction of Gaia's influence in oneís Waters and Fires was the inheritance of all tribal indigenes around the world, no matter which continent or race they came from. It is an inheritance which is now mostly lost and squandered. This connection to Her Waters and Fires within your own Waters and Fires was cultivated and held in the highest esteem, as it afforded the tribe and the people the best standard of living possible, far exceeding that which we blindly think we possess as a modern people today with machinery and technology. And we will give this way of discovering Gaia and ones relation to Her again to the world for those brave Spirits who dare to be different than those around them. These are the Principles of Natura, which change the hand that feeds from science and industry back to Gaia and the Original Morality.

This Natural Morality, this Natura cultivated from an intimate relation with the Anima Mundi of this planet, gave forth all of the rituals and traditions of the tribes of people. It was these rituals and traditions which embodied in behavioral form the natural morality. This was the much sought after Art of Living Well, with proper beauty and purpose. Principles such as mutual respect for living beings, cooperation and learning from the elders who had the knowledge of past generations were simple and effective tools not just for survival, but for thriving as well. When mankind was changed as a species, and tempted to walk away from Gaia as the hand that feeds, that was the same moment that mankind entered into moral jeopardy8. When one relies upon Nature for oneís sustenance, one can be assured of certain rules and principles. She will not use you for Her own ends, and then cast you away. One can be certain that Gaia will ensure the principle of reciprocity. "Take from the Earth, give to the Earth, feel the joy of it!" Such is the way that we Ophidians were taught to understand this process by the Archangel Auriel. There are rules of mutuality to be followed in this reciprocity with Gaia. Bounty is what She bestows upon those who follow Her principles.

But when one relies on some other person for their sustenance, whether it be a king, a slave, a democracy, a corporation, a grocery store or a restaurant, then one will be subject to the loss of autonomy that is always found in such a transaction. And this loss of autonomy always leads to corruption and slavery in one form or another - no matter how well intentioned. For there now is an intermediary between oneself and Gaia, and one is cut off from oneís own connection to the World Soul as the hand that feeds. One must instead now worry about this intermediary person, and cultivate a relationship with that person as the source of oneís sustenance which keeps one alive, instead of with Gaia. For that new person, be they king or slave or grocer, is now the hand that feeds, and thus will ultimately have the power to dictate to you what your morals are, and what decisions you must make for survival. And you must follow their dictates, for you need what they have in order to survive. And there is no guarantee that you will receive anything at all in return if things do not go as planned, despite all the promises to the contrary. If there is someone or something between oneself and nature as the source of oneís own sustenance, then one can be held hostage by that person, or be made to work for it, or be forced to make a payment of money, bodily use, or worse.

Such is the origin of government in all of its forms - an insidious intermediary and gatekeeper between you and the things you need most to survive. Becoming an intermediary between a person and the resources they need is a wonderful way to exert control over that same person. And there are of course beings who seek to control mankind in this way too, who are not human. They understand these methods of control very well. They enact these methods in the same way as that of a farmer who seeks to pen and control the animals in his barnyard. And it is these beings who are the originators of the break with Gaia that mankind experienced 12,000 to 15,000 years ago, as they seek to control humanity, and Gaia, and the planet for their own ends, and those of their masters. There is a hidden history of mankind on this planet: that of its true origins and the source of its fall and degeneration. No other secret is more violently repressed, for it is their anonymity which is the source of their dominance and power over humanity. As long as they are able to secretly pull the strings of control in this way, they retain power over the ignorant race of humanity within their grasp.

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Now this Original Morality, this Natura, is nothing more than the proper way of acting in accordance with oneís own nature, and the demands of Gaia. And this original morality also ensures oneís liberty in life as well, so that one is beholden to the desires of no one else. Otherwise one can not accomplish oneís own Will. All other moralities which come after the original morality of your ancestorís indigene are a result of oneís separation from Nature. Because of this separation, these subsequent moralities are in actuality immoral, as they often reinforce oneís perception of separateness from Nature. The further people are separated from Nature in history, the further people are also separated from Spirit. And the further people are separated from Spirit, the further is the mass of humanity is generally enslaved by a few rulers at the top. This separation from Nature, from the understanding of the source of our origins, has progressed so far in our recent history that most people who follow some spiritual path now have been taught that divinity is something separate from themselves, and even separate from Nature. They have been taught that their God sits somewhere outside of his creation, as does his Heaven. They have been taught that there is no spirit in matter, that it is indeed lifeless, dead, answering only to the laws of physics. They have been taught that all of what you see is only an illusion, a trick of Maya, a trick of the mind or a trick of quantum energy. Or they have been taught that some ascendancy is imminent, and we shall all transcend away from this dense material world to some higher vibrational frequency, leaving behind all of our pain and suffering here - whether it be in the form envisioned by the New Age movement as a higher dimension or the heaven of Christianity makes no difference.

All of these claims are other-worldly in nature, and attempt to separate in the mind of the observer this place of life and some other imaginary place of more important essence. None of these claims are true. There is no here and there. There is only here - for Spirit, for matter, and for everything in-between. And there is only now. In the same way that a young child is not yet aware of the enormity of the Universe, the only thing which keeps most people from this awareness of the unity of Spirit and matter is oneís experiential interaction of such spiritual Realms which overlay our own. It is like saying that the air is a separate realm from oneís own lungs, when the actuality is that the lungs depend upon the air in order to give us life. The lungs evolved to use and operate within the air itself. They are not separate, but inseparably interdependent.

So with this in mind, let us continue our statements about Ophidian Cosmology with a few simple declarations.

All things are born, and change.

There is no separation between Spirit and Matter.

Spirit traverses all of the Realms.

Cosmic NuitThese three simple statements hold the keys for those who struggle to understand the differences between the Living Tradition of Ophidian Thelema and all other traditions and philosophies which currently occupy the minds of men. There are no ends, only beginnings and changes. The universe has no end, any more than Nuit does. Therefore "there is no dread hereafter. There is only eternal dissolution in the body of Nu."9 The eternal dissolution in the body of Nu is a reference to the Underworld. Since human bodies are born and then die, the minds of those bodies have a difficult time seeing beyond their own beginning and ends. Humans mostly learn by mirroring and copying what they see around themselves, from other people and the environment in which they live. These things provide the framework for their understanding. These minds therefore reason that because they had a beginning and an end, then so too must everything else. There must have been a God who created the universe or a big bang, which is in fact function like exactly the same. Yet in opposition to all this no one dares to suggest the most obvious and logical observation of all - that there is no end to the universe, either in distance or in time. It is truly endless. The Universe is Nuit, and She has always been, and will always be, emerging, changing, manifesting and receding.

On top of that, there is no separation between Spirit and matter. "Let there be no difference made among you between any one thing & any other thing; for thereby there cometh hurt."10 All matter, energy and all living things are the product or expression of Spirit in our Realm. Ophidian Cosmology is not one of Advaitism or Polytheism, but rather one of Animism. All things come from Spirit, but not all Spirit is manifest in our Realm. And there are many, many Realms which are just as real as our own, but with which we have no direct access with our current bodies and their senses. Our bodies, our vehicles, are a product of this Realm within which we exist in, and so are therefore limited in what we can perceive in that manner. The senses we have evolved with are limited to what they can detect in this Realm. This is why the Triangle of Manifestation is so important, as it allows for the creation of a Liminal Gateway between Realms, through which spirit energy may move and manifest. For Spirit, unlike the biological body, is able to traverse the Realms.

Clay GoddessAnd so all physical manifestations of matter and life are the result of Spirit and its actions. This is very difficult for the modern mind to conceive of. Science has indoctrinated the people into believing that there are non-living forces. Science admonishes you to believe that things such as gravity, time, electricity, and light are the result of physics alone, which in turn were set in motion by the force of the so-called "big bang". However it is true that something can not come from nothing, so therefore the Big Bang as popularly understood is impossible. But it begs the question then, even if the Universe is infinite, and has always existed in eternal change and transformation, what is the origin of these forces of nature and the matter all around us?

The spirits are adamant that there are no non-living forces. They assure us that these forces are indeed all products of life itself. Take for example oneís breath, oneís exhalation. It moves out through the air as we exhale, creating a movement, a force, which can be felt like wind. Is this a non-living force? No, it was created by a living being, as a result of its own volition, its own movement. Its origin was in a living being. So therefore the source for this force was Spirit. And the ground beneath your feet, from where does it come? What spirit source made it? The soil is made of millions upon millions of living creatures and dead things and the excrement of those things. It is made from the products of life. And it is no different for the higher forces, than for the lower. Nuit, the Grandmother, the Spirit of the Universe, is the source for many of those forces which science considers to be the forces of physics alone, the so-called forces of Nature. These are forces such as gravity, movement, light and the illusion of time. They emanate from Her being, in the same way that one's own body emanates heat by itís own manifestation. And so it goes, throughout all of known existence, in a myriad of infinite forms and combinations - all things which exist are the result of Spirit manifesting into matter. There are higher sources like those of Nuit, and lower sources, like those of your own breath, and endless sources in-between. In this way, all of reality, all things, are created by Spirit.

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So as we have seen, all things in our Realm are the result of Spirit manifesting into Matter. All things are born, and change endlessly throughout a boundless universe which will never end. All things are animated by Spirit, from the greatest to the smallest, from the Universe to the Planet to your local place of living on Gaia. And we call this local, living part of your environment the Genius Loci, the Intelligence or Spirit of a Place.

Gardens of Bomarzo, ItalyAll Heka begins with the place within Gaia where you are, as an incarnate Spirit. It must be acknowledged and included in your Heka, as an ally to your work in order to increase its potency. All natural places upon and within Gaia have a spirit, a living consciousness which can be interacted with. And this fact is also seen in the workings of your own body. All places in your body are made up of living things, which form tissue and colonies and which have their own type of awareness and communication. These many instances of awareness make up the senses and feelings of your body, and contribute to your overall consciousness on one level. And the same is true for Galaxies and Universes - they too are made up of smaller, individual instances of consciousness and awareness. And so it is no different for the Genius Loci. It is made up of many different types of life which lend consciousness to a place. It is the Genius Loci of a place which is the most immediate connection to all other life and spirit in your realm. It holds Filas to Gaia, and She holds Filas to all living beings upon and within Her, and to the Universe beyond. This is the path of Heka, and its most immediate gateways: Self, Genius Loci, Gaia, and beyond.

Now this Genius Loci is in reality a composite of Organic Spirit Energies and Discarnate Intelligences. All living spirits and beings that exist in a place, like a field or a lake or a woods, by their very existence contribute over the course of their life to the Genius Loci, the Spirit of a Place. As time passes, the complexity of the Genius Loci changes as more and more living spirits are born and die within that place. This is why places that are very ancient evoke the feelings of awe and reverence within people that they do. This is not imagination or some accident. Rather, one is encountering a very ancient and potent Genius, built up over hundreds and thousands of years by all of the beings that lived there. Your own colony of consciousness is reacting to its presence, and interacting with it on levels which evoke an awareness in your Waters. This is perceived as a feeling about the place as one encounters it.

A rock formation in Ophidia.As a Genius Loci develops and changes over time, it forms varying levels of awareness and consciousness which can be interacted with in many ways. Some develop protective functions and methods of interacting with their environment, like all things do in Nature. They attempt to guard themselves and their being. In addition to these guardians, other spirits are attracted to places which suit their natures, and often find their way to different Genius Loci. They join with the forces of the Genius Loci, adding to its flavor. In this way some places have many different beings which can be communicated with, in addition to the presiding Genius of the Place, such as Elementals.

Humans can have a positive effect upon a place, or as is more often the case nowadays, a very negative affect. When people tear down and destroy the local ecosystem in order to build cities, factories and the like, they destroy the guardians, spirits and Genius of the Place. They disrupt the capacity for life there, and therefore the capacity for spirit. They attack and destroy the biological basis for these colonies of consciousness. The original keepers of the natural morality, those Genius Loci and guardian spirits, are destroyed. These ancient and wonderful places of spirit then become empty wastelands, devoid of life except for the humans living there with their machines. Demons and other such entities enjoy these voids very much and feed upon the death of the spirits which once dwelled there. They are drawn to the imbalance of life energy, just as diseases and parasites flourish within a dysfunctional body. In this way they move into the emptiness, happy to feed and influence what they can in these places. This is one of the many reasons why there is so much violence and injustice in urban areas, and very little natural morality amongst those who dwell there. With this in mind, it should now be clear why it is so very difficult to establish genuine spirit communication in urban areas. Demons and other imbalanced entities are much easier to access in these locations. And of course they are always happy to masquerade as something other than what they actually are, in order mask themselves and their feeding. These imbalanced presences are present due to the lack of Genius Loci, and the proper guardians of a place which work much like white blood cells do in the body.

If one lives in an urban area and is pursuing Heka, then it is incumbent upon them to help redevelop the Genius Loci of their area. This can be done in many different ways, but should always start with the creation of as much life as possible for spirit to indwell. Attention and care should be given to the plants and animals of the area, and habitats should be reestablished, no matter how small. Help to build up the simple, natural and good plants and animals of the place. These creatures will form the first rebalancing energies of oneís place, setting the tone for the future of your ecosystem.

Following this, a dedication of oneís plot of land should take place, in oneís own words to the Genius of the Place. One should dedicate themselves as a Guardian to the Genius Loci, with the promise to help cultivate its energy. One should make this dedication at the four cardinal directions of oneís property, with the utmost sincerity and dedication. Then, one should call in the spirits of a place, and invite such entities which wish to function as guardians of the place to come and do so. Make an altar to the Genius Loci, and place small offerings there to the Spirit of the Place and the other spirits which have come. These offerings can be the first fruits of the Spring garden, or other tokens of importance which help create a Fila between your own life, and that of the Genius Loci. Give and take is the rule, not take and use. In this way, as one gives it a little of oneís own kind and gentle energy, so it too will give back. This reciprocity is important, and will help one to later gain the trust of the guardians which may come to the Genius Loci. But first one should start with this dedication, and then lots of willful patience.

In such a way one can begin to interact with the Spirit of the Place in which one lives. If the relationship is well maintained, the Genius Loci will also act as a guardian to the people who live upon its land and that help to maintain its existence. This relationship may also lead to the discovery of many other spirits and entities that will come to inhabit the place, once they are made welcome and a suitable place for their presence exists. And it may also one day give you access to the Elementals and Angels through the Genius Loci, if this is cultivated properly.

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Now all of Gaia is filled with Living Spirits, which are the incarnated life energies of all of the species of animals, plants and insects on the planet. All of these Living Spirits are tethered to a higher unmanifest Spirit which is the source of their life energy. These Living Spirits are individual and unique in their incarnations, and are experiential in their natures. The term "experiential nature" means that they may grow and change based upon their own choices, experiences or the impact of their environment on their existence. Each act or experience in the course of their life changes their body, emotions, mind or life force in some way, for better or worse. All life is experiential in this way, and this is why Spirit incarnates in this Realm. This is how Spirit grows and transforms itself.

Not all Living Beings, however, have the same awareness, consciousness or autonomy of motion in this Realm. Obviously plants do not seem to have the same level of conscious autonomy or awareness that insects have. Most insects do not have the same intelligence and self-awareness that many animals have. And many animals do not seem to have the same conscious higher self-awareness, forethought and spiritual autonomy that humans have. Therefore one can say that the manifestation of spiritual energy of the Living Spirits in our Realm is limited by the body in which it is incarnated into. In addition, these limitations of the body are determined by the physical evolution of the species.11 And this evolution is a product of nothing more than life energy interacting with matter over great periods of time, and the necessary transformations which result from this interaction.

As these Living Spirits move and interact with each other and their environment, they produce Organic Spirit Energies. These energies can be singular in their nature, or compound and complex. As Living Spirits move, act, desire, feel and exert their Will upon matter and their surrounding environment, they create energies that linger, move or settle into the environment around them. The energies are the tangible results of life as it moves and acts and does all of things that living beings do. Most of these energies which exude from life are short-lived and are not strong enough to remain separate from the environment for long periods of time. They can also become diluted or changed. Often they quietly fade into the background matrix of the environment, such as the example of oneís exhalation of breath from oneís body. However, intense, directed and willed acts by Living Beings can create longer enduring energies in the environment that stand out stronger than the other energies of a place. Sometimes these energies, like a Genius Loci, can be seen and felt to have purpose, direction, force and even intelligence. In this way they can appear somewhat like an autonomous spirit and be communicated with in the same manner, but in actuality these Organic Spirit Energies are more of a force than a being. The difference is that a being has an autonomous Will, while a force does not. A being is living, while a force is the result of the volition of living beings or Spirit. These forces sometimes may have intelligence, but not choice.

GhostIt is these Organic Spirit Energies, the forces which are the result of the actions of life, which make up the larger energies and forces of the universe. These forces are the result of the actions of Living Spirits. And it is also these energies which in part make up the force and intelligence of the Genius Loci of a place. The Shades of the dead are also Organic Spirit Energies, shed by the Living Spirit at moment of death. A Shade is in actuality the Persona complex of the person left in the material Realm after the death of the body and the release of the Spirit. Shades provide an excellent example of how a force can also have a type of intelligence which can be communicated with. As an Organic Spirit Energy, the Shade continues to exhibit action, but not free will. It can no longer experience and change of its own volition. As Dead Spirit Energies, these ghosts continue to move in their previous way of life after death, but they are now disembodied and static images of the dynamic and growing Living Spirits that they once were. They are untethered from their Spirit, their original source of autonomy, consciousness and volition. As Shades, they do not know anything more than they knew when they were alive, nor do they continue to grow with experience. And like all forces, the stronger Dead Spirit Energies remain more tangible for longer periods of time, while weaker versions tend to wane more quickly into the background of a given place.

It should be here noted here that Adepts who have developed a very strong Fila to their Spirits over the course of their lifetimes are often able to continue the work of their Will beyond death. The Shades of these Adepts are called a Genius, and they can continue to grow and develop to some extent after death. A Fila to their Spirit is maintained to some degree after death. The most advanced of Adepts, dedicated and bound to certain deities, are able to develop a Deified Genius which can continue to function in service of that Deity long after the death of its body. The Shades of the many incarnations of the Nine function as Deified Genii, and continue to serve Babalon as Pashtuns, Initiators and Guardians as needed throughout the centuries. They exhibit many special powers and can move between the Realms in Her Service. In this way the Nine are sometimes even more powerful and valuable in death than they were even in life.

Familial Spirits are another type of Organic Spirit Energy, which are produced from Living Spirits. However it should be noted that these Familial Spirits are not the same as what is termed Familiar Spirits, despite the closeness of the spelling of the words. It is only in recent times, since the Middle Ages and the Christian Empire, that Familiar Spirits came to be thought of as a Witchís Familiar. These Witch Familiars or devil spirits were believed to be embodied in an animal that accompanied the Witch or devil worshipper. Historically however, Familiar Spirits were originally the guardians or protectors of a family, its bloodline (gens in Latin), a tribe, or a nation of people. In this way, being connected to the family or bloodline, they were "Familial", not "Familiar". These Familial Spirits were common in most of the Pagan civilizations. A bloodline in a family would have had a guardian spirit to which the family would have given worship to. In reality this actually meant they would give attention and devotion to it in order to help cultivate and develop its power and Organic Spirit Energy so that it could protect all people in the family over generations. As before with the Genius Loci, this was a reciprocal act. One had to give in order to get. There was no bargaining here as is so often the case in modern so-called magick, just simple reciprocity. These Familial Spirits therefore are Organic Spirit Energies, created and fed by the family members to help protect and guide their families throughout the generations. They are forces of identity and guardianship for a family or group of people, and have an intelligence of sorts which can be communicated with.

The Goddess RomaNow this same formula for creating a protective spirit of oneís bloodline was also used in connection with larger families or tribes, cities, nations and whole races of people. In this way one might have the Spirit of the Race of People, such as the Nazis created for themselves with the people of Germany, utilizing Hitler as the medium and focal-point for that entity. Or one might have the Spirit or Guardian of a City that would receive worship and devotion from those who were under its protection, as was the case with the Goddess Roma. The impulse towards Patriotism in a country in general is a modern leftover of this original spiritual practice which created a Fila to the members of the country who actively participated in its development and continuation. This feeling of patriotism which causes people to become so emotional comes from the Spirit of the Country which they have bonded themselves to. It is a spiritual phenomenon. The Spirit of the Country literally moves in oneís Waters, when the Fila is manifest, thereby causing the emotional reactions and feelings that it does.

Yet another type of Organic Spirit Energy is that of the Elemental Forces. We speak here of the Elemental Forces, not the Elemental Beings, for there is a difference. These Elemental Forces are also sometimes just called the Elements, as opposed to the beings which are called Elementals. These Elemental energies are the result of the process of the evolution of the various species upon this planet. The first of the Elemental Energies, which is that of the Element of Earth, is apparent in all species down to single-cell organism and plants. This is the most simple form of Living Energy embodied in physical matter, and gives the body its senses to perceive and interact with the world around it. It also provides the instincts for the body in order to survive in its environment. The Elemental energy of Earth is present in all species of plants and animals on this planet.

The Elemental Energies of Water are always the next to develop in the evolutionary process, and this higher level of spirit energy gives rise to the emotional reactions in the first insects and animals. The emotions were an important part of the memory imprinting process which allowed for a new level of consciousness to develop beyond the basic instincts which are attached to sensory perception. If a creature has memory, then it also has emotions and feelings of some sort. The emotions are a tool for conscious navigation through memory and behavioral responses, as well as a communication channel for the Spirit. The Elemental Energies of Water are present in all animals and insects on this planet.

The Elemental Energies of Air developed next in the evolutionary process, giving rise to the functions of thought, logic and self-awareness which are present in the animals and higher species of the planet. Attachment to objects, tool use and problem solving are indicators of the Air stage of evolution, as well as forms of communication, including calls, grunts and body movements. Complex social hierarchy and greater self awareness are the result of Air energy in the evolutionary process.

The final Elemental Energy to emerge in the evolutionary process is Fire, which gives the embodied Living Spirit some conscious awareness of its connection to its higher unmanifest Spirit. These impulses first appeared in the evolutionary process as fetish worship and rituals of purpose connected to their animal actions, such as the burial of the dead. This often evolves into Animism, then Polytheism, Monotheism, Atheism and a host of other Philosophical and Religious explorations of the nature of meaning, purpose and connection to the Higher Unmanifest Spirit. Morals, traditions and rituals often develop out of these religious and philosophical explorations. These philosophical and religious models are often the results of Magical explorations which interact directly with spirit energies. The powers of Heka become available to a species who has evolved to the level of Fire energy in their evolutionary journey.

Such are the endless myriads of Organic Spirit Energies which are created by the presence of life within this Realm. These energies manifest themselves as Genius Loci, as intelligences of places, and as Shades of the dead. They can form from the Familial bonds of the ancestors, the tribe, or entire races and countries. They have formed forces of Elemental energies which were forged by the evolutionary process of life itself, and they also appear as the result of all of the natural forces of the Universe. These forces of Nature include things such as the winds and the storms, the ground and the stones, the sky and the planets, or day and night. All things which are the result of life, their forces and their movements, are Organic Spirit Energies in this way. And many of them have intelligences of their own, because they are the result of Spirit manifesting as life in matter. And it is in this way that all things which exist, all forces and every bit of matter are ultimately the result of Spirit manifesting not only in our Realm, but also in all of the others.

1. Greek, for "powerful love" or "beloved". The name is now often spelled "Filomena".    [return]

2. Babalon Herself, from one of the secret periodic Supreme Rituals.   [return]

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8. It should be noted that Ophidian Morality does not refer to deeds of right and wrong as decreed by some dogma, but rather Principles for Living Well. It is therefore moral to follow acts which are Justified by oneís nature and necessary for a life well-lived, just as it is immoral for one to deviate from their own nature or incarnated purpose. Only "bad" things will happen for the poor soul which deviates from their nature and purposes, and often these effects influence those around him or her as well. Unnatural choices for oneís own life rarely affects only oneself, and as such one can easily see this in the state of the world today.   [return]

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11. But do not be fooled by mere appearance. Some bodies may appear limited in certain ways due to our human perspective, but may actually possess great ability outside of our awareness and experience - be it in a planet, or something much too small for our eyes to see.   [return]

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