The Temple of Babalon in Ophidia
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Glossary of Terms


NaturaThe Principles and Rituals which govern the manifestation of Heka in the body, Persona, and the natural world. It is in Natura that we find the secrets of the body, its energy pathways, how the substances we ingest affect not only our health, but also our emotions, our consciousness and our ability to manifest Heka. We discover the notion of mindfulness in our daily actions towards Gaia, the World Soul, and how this affects which types of spirits we are able to interact with in our Heka. The Principles of Natura hold the Keys for unlocking the power of Heka. And the further one pursues Heka, the more one discovers the Principles of Natura, which makes its manifestation possible. As this process deepens, Harmonia ensues bringing with it the Cornucopia. Pronounced Nah-toor-rah.

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