The Temple of Babalon in Ophidia
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Glossary of Terms


CornucopiaThe fortuitous Goddess. Fortuitous means both Strong and Fortunate. We Ophidians know this word "fortunate" not by its modern meaning of luck, good fortune, or random chance, but rather by its true meaning stemming from the Cornucopia which She bears, full of Bounty. This Bounty is a source of strength. Therefore this word fortuitous or fortunate means the Bounty of Full Spirit, also called Spirit Fulfilled. This is the Harmonia of a life properly lived. One is Fortunate if one has the full presence of one's Spirit, and the Bounty which that brings. This has also been called one's Fortune or Destiny. In addition to the Cornucopia, Fortuna holds the Wheel which shows that the Bounty of ones Fortune is accomplished by following the Seven Guiding Principles of the Great Liberating Mother. She is an Underworld Goddess, as Fortune lies beneath one's feet. She was known as Hel or Hela in the Northern European traditions and Helena in Greece, as the root Hel means Fortune in many languages. Pronounced For-toon-ah.

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