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Book I: Prosapia
The Axiomata of the Ophidian Lineage

  Chapter 5: On the Nature of Babalon

Book II: Principia
The Philosophy of Ophidian Thelema

  Chapter 5: The Nature of the World Soul II
  Chapter 6: The Priestesses of Heka
  Chapter 7: The Ordeals of Underworld
  Chapter 8: The Principles of the
                      Great Liberating Mother
  Chapter 9: The Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun

Book III: Natura
The Customs of the Ophidian Indigene

Book IV: Commentaria
The Account of Ophidian Proclamations

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Book V: Heka
The Rituals of the Temple.

(To remain mostly unpublished.)

Book VI: Liber Spirituum
The Records of the Spirits.

(To remain unpublished.)

The Magickal Philosophy of Templum Babalonis

Book 1 - Prosapia

The Axiomata of Ophidian Thelema

Also known as: The Lineage

Ophidian Star

The Words of Hagia Auriavia

Part 4 - The War and the Great Shuddering

Which Exalts Itself before the Many

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The Indwelling has begun. And this shall forever be known as the day upon which the Serpent rose, and the Fish lay drying upon the desert sands, its last breaths rasping unheard by the winds of transformation.

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The Greatest War

The Greatest WarIn the Golden Age, all history was told in prophecy, for the future is the past, unfolding before you. It was the nature of the Priestesses to speak with the voices of the Great Spirits: Gods, Angels, Titans, and all the spirits in the Hierarchies. This was the nature of our work, and it is the nature of it to this day.

Time and Space are not as man construes them. The perspective of the physically manifest in flesh is very limited and informed by the restriction that the flesh imposes upon the Spirit. Time and Space hold wholly different meaning and illumination from the perspective of Spirit.

It is in this way that we view the future. It is in this way, informed by those deities and spirits whom we serve, that we access prophecy. It is in this way that we speak of the War. This War was foretold in the Book of Law, and it is foretold now. There is much about the War that I cannot speak about. It is secret. It is necessary for it to be so. It is also necessary that I speak of it a little bit. It is time. It is all but upon us.

"How is it that you find yourself in this place and in this time?" I have asked myself. Such a darkened time, and so twisted that most people alive at this moment are so blinded by the brightness of the lights of media, of cities, of the vibrating currents brought about by the extraction of the black gold that fed the debauchery of Pisces first, and Aquarius second.

Unseen are the multitudes of spirits scrambling to prepare — for decades — for what is upon us. And they have told me why. It is no exaggeration that this War is for the life of our most precious Mother, Gaia. The Little Sister. And the humans who have brought about the horror that befalls Her, and the others who have helped them.

What sort of spirit incarnates into a human body? Human? Most often. Some of us are different. Some of them are, too. It is complicated. I only hint at things. I will not say them outright. There is no need. It is not so important.

What is important, for those who are seeking answers, and most vitally, for those whose Will it is to understand, to serve, to protect as guardians…this is the time for decision and action. There will be a Great Fall, and not for the first time. We are on the precipice. Much will be revealed, and most humans will not be able to accept or understand not only what is taking place, but the lies and the false realities that they have been subjected to believe in.

We have prophecy within Templum Babalonis. It is the nature of what we are, of what I am, as Hagia. But, what is important for you to know is not what is being foretold, but what you need to do to prepare yourself for survival. This is the time to seek out the voice of your own divine Spirit. It will lead you into the future if it is your Will to seek out the future. Otherwise, you will perish. Quickly, or slowly, the end will be the same.

And what is this great sacrifice, that the blood of mankind will flow, and in whose name? Is not the fear of man the darkness that surrounds him? For he knows the truth of that whom he has tried to destroy. He knows the consequence. He knows that he is born from Her. There is no denying birth from the Female. And he knows, and despises, that in death he returns to Her, despite the fables he has spun to the contrary.

A demon speaks truth as if it were in a mirror. It is in this way that the god of the Fish People, and their kin, will meet their destiny. A god who eats his own children, and I speak not of Chronos, but of yahweh — for all of his children will be nailed to a cross, sacrificed. A demon lord, feeding upon the fear and perversion of his twisted dictums. And he is not the only one.

Humanity is about to be reminded that spirits are not mindsets, or collective thought patterns. The illumination of reality is at hand. Magick, Heka, is not the mind, or in the mind. This will be a great unfolding. It is a shame most people only begin to awaken as they die.

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Willful Extinction

Willful Extinction"It is always darkest before the dawn…"

When the Moon has set, before the rise of the Sun, we are lit only by the stars, and we feel the depth of contemplation that surrounds us in the body of the Grandmother. The depth and blackness of the shroud that obscures humanity’s vision at this point in time is so impenetrable. So blind the people are to what lies in wait all around them.

I try to remember a time in this incarnation when I did not have some innate sense about the War. As a young child, I did not understand the complexities. Without my Sisters incarnate about me as in the past, my nature was not as easily understood, and it took some time to understand why other humans did not see as I saw; why they could not see.

A Seer, Pythoness — these were terms utilized in times and cultures past and though the meanings of these words today do not impart the complete nature of our people, we can see their origins in our history, to be sure. But there is no time and so the future is amorphous, though the past seems static due to memory and frames of reference. These concepts were innate and understood in cultures past, but in this current age such a common understanding is lost to the lies of technology. Destiny, in the sense of Future, is different than most could comprehend. So we take the Wheel, in our hands, as was our charge before.

My confusion as a child came, in part, from memories of the times before the War despite so many incarnations after the War began. Yet it is this vision that enables me to know the possibilities that we have before us, once the Shuddering has passed. "Remember all ye that existence is pure joy; that all the sorrows are but as shadows; they pass & are done; but there is that which remains." I am reminded of the truth of complicity. That Will bears responsibility. That incarnation does the same. There is no human who incarnates without the Direction of Spiritual Purpose. The Will of the Spirit is what drives it to the pain of restriction, for incarnation, not death, is painful. The pain of the body at death is insignificant when compared to what the Spirit endures in order to walk in flesh. Incarnation is limiting. Incarnation is transient, yet affords Spirit opportunities in a Realm that is rare, and that it cannot achieve elsewhere. So rare is our Realm here, that this, in part, is what the War is about.

So, the complicity of humanity, born in an age when Spirit is meaningless, and persona, all, reminds us not to mourn at the passing of an animal so destructive in its whims of self-gratuity as to have almost tipped the body of Gaia into the grave. And it did not have to be this way. Humans have the capacity to serve their Spirit and those whom are Guardians of this magnificent Realm in ways seemingly miraculous, for we all were once guardians. Most humans today did not incarnate with the purpose of the destruction and torture of their own Mother. Yet, their preferences, their choices, their minds chose that purpose over the Reason their Spirit took the time to surrender to the flesh. Incredible.

If one were to stop for a moment to consider…yet that never seems to be a choice that is made.

Future has purpose. The Sisterhood relishes the prospects of those who have the Fortitude, the Wisdom, and the Purpose to survive. And we look forward to meeting them.

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War and Prophecy

War and ProphecyIn the deep black folds of the fabric of death lies a secret, hidden place of warmth and comfort, unbeknownst to any but a true seeker. This place lies in waiting, becoming a realm impenetrable to all but those who die by Will of Spirit, for we are the true Walking Dead amongst you. We see what you are afraid to see, and we dwell there, hidden in the shadows of your own making.

And when those of the Christos say:

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil"

They do fear us, for we are the Justified. We are the People of Her, the People of the Serpent. We hold Truth within our hands, as we hold the Wheel. We hold the light that betrays the lies that they have sworn their souls to fight and die for. So long he warred to kill all that is beauty, wholeness, divine; for what is beauty to a demon, other than that truth which will reveal him so? Behold that truth that shines upon him — demon Christos king — for it is beauty that is truth, and it is truth that illuminates your deception to the masses: how many millions of souls have you consumed, tortured, all in the name of Love? Love is the lure you dangle, oh, fisher-man. It lies slimy on your hook, glinting in the sunlight.

III:49 "I am in a secret fourfold word, the blasphemy against all gods of men."

There is no Love, save that which is yoked to the Divine Purpose of Spirit. All else is a lie. All else is the sticky sounds of the lapping of your demon tongue.

You do fear us. So long you have worked to prevent our return, yet we have always been here. We are the hated. We are the despised. We are the people of the Star. The Black Star, that shines Blue and Gold. We are the Star that shines above the head of their demon lord, for the herald of Her return approaches as a Pashtun upon the river of fire in the heavens. And upon the Great Wings of Her Brother, Her Reign returns.

War and Vengeance shall rain upon the Earth as stones of fire from the skies. Each stone burning with the screams of all who were slain in the name of the demon lord of the Christos, for his jealousy is his weakness; and his son the talisman of all the abomination and perversion that mankind gave birth to from the bowels of his minion servants.

And his son returns still nailed to a cross. And this time his body is fed to the Vulture Queen, so that his flesh shall render itself upon the mantle of the body of the Mother; returned to dust. His soul dispersed, for he is but an empty vessel, filled with the tormented souls of all who fed his father. In Nomine Babalon, the souls of his dead shall rain down and lay to rest, sealed within the stones of the magma spewed forth by the fires vomited by the Earth at his unmaking. And there they shall lie, as fossils within the body of the Mother for eternity.

And as the fish perish in the seas that boil as the Earth convulses with a great fever, so too shall the Pisces die, floating bloated and with stink upon the foaming waters, not fit for even those of the carapace to eat. And it shall be a shadow that fades, a sad blemish borne upon the seas until it calcifies within the glorious reefs that grow in the cooling waters.

Our people celebrate the terror of the masses, for it is their own seeds that they sowed so long ago that has yet to be reaped in their own stores. This is their will and destiny.

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The Augury of Future's Past

War and ProphecyAs a Priestess in the very ancient understanding of the term, I have many functions, many roles. My foremost role in this incarnation is as Hagia and as Ho-Or, which in the Ancient Goddess language means Warrior Woman. It is this language which underlies much of the Egyptian language via the Magyars - the Carnilian People. This is the duty of my service to my Mother, Babalon, for as a goddess She is also Hoor [Hoor Pakhet]. And Her brother, Ra Hoor Khuit - His name tells His Sacred Lineage as well as his associations. He is my Lord. And Ra is my Father.

And one of my functions is to teach the message of the Gods, the Angels, the spirits. In English, the word for this is “prophet”, the forth-speaker, because I speak the message that they want you to know. My function is therefore a teacher, and a healer, because he who hears and understands these messages, can be healed.

Liber Legis II, 25: “Ye are against the people, O my chosen!”

Indeed. For as a mother must teach her children, even when those children do not wish to hear her words, so must I say what is needed, even when unwanted. But my function is not to be loved, but to Love. Under Will. And it is with gratitude that I serve my Mother, my Goddess, in every way that I can.

Now it is difficult to understand the nature of time and space in a linear, manifest fleshly Realm. How does one travel back and forth between future and past with ease? This is a matter of Initiation, and of perspective; of knowledge of Spirit, and communication with the same. So I must apologize, for I am haunting you from your future. I am not alive. I was born dead. And my voice echoes strangely in your head, because my Spirit is non-human, and therefore it is disquieting for you to hear it speak. But if you read these words, it is your will to do so, and you must have some drive within you to try to understand why you feel the way that you do deep within your very soul.

The Book of Law begins thus:

I, 1. “Had! The manifestation of Nuit.”

I, 2. “The unveiling of the company of heaven.”

I, 3. “Every man and every woman is a star.”

It is time for you, dear one, to look up.

While I cannot explain in a way for you to understand in your current level of awareness, for you have not been awakened; I can tell you that while the Earth is your home, and Gaia is the beloved Mother of your fleshly potential, you are not from this place. The origin of your essence, the origin of the Spirit that is your higher-self lies within one of the Stars. For Spirit is born from the Fire of the Stars. This is one of the great mysteries of existence, and this is how you were conceived and born from the body of Nu.

All of existence is born from the essence of Nu. Here we shall read the words of the spirits called Vespers from the Triangle of Manifestation:

“Yes. This is why the Serpent swallowed Ra. Because in the Underworld, he is protected within the body of the Serpent. It is not that his light is stopped. It is that it is veiled. This is why the Torch-Bearer may bring a light into the Underworld. Because we permit it.”

“I am a Vesper. The Vespers, or the Sisters. The snake is the Spirit necessary for incarnation, therefore it is recognized. We are all very wise. We are much older than Gaia. We are much older than Ra. We have not always lived in this part of the Universe. We have been everywhere. The first breath and exhalation of Nuit bore Vespers - bore the serpent, because the exhalation was life.”

And part of my function as a Priestess is to take the great knowledge and wisdom of the “consciousness of the continuity of existence” and bring it down into a visible spectrum for you to see: to bring light down from darkness. To take the circumference and bring it down to a point of light. To manifest Nuit into tangible understanding:

Liber Legis I, 1: “Had! The manifestation of Nuit.”

Nu — the essence of the Grandmother, the essence of the consciousness and very life force of the Universe that is the creator of all of life — engendered in the visible spectrum of Her Priestess: this is the “-it” of Ra Hoor Khu-it. Manifest, so that you can see Her. So that you can learn.

Had! The point of light. A moment of understanding. A moment of vision.

Liber Legis III, 45: “Then will I lift her to pinnacles of power: then will I breed from her a child mightier than all the kings of the earth. I will fill her with joy: with my force shall she see & strike at the worship of Nu: she shall achieve Hadit.”

Bring the Circumference to the point: in all ways. And therefore here, I shall help you to learn what you are. For if you are still reading I shall surmise that you have a desire to understand why you hold a pain of awareness within your body; a yearning, a sorrow, a terrible loneliness if you but only stand still. Who amongst you cannot feel the gasping of our Mother, Gaia, beneath your feet? Who cannot hear Her cry out as She is being so brutally attacked? What can you do to defend Her? Helpless feelings, desperate feelings….to hear the cries of Our Mother and be forced to stand helplessly and watch Her die? Is this what you incarnated for?

But unfortunately, this War is much larger than that. It is a very old War, and my Spirit has been involved in it for a very, very long time. That is also part of why I am here, and part of why I am Ho-Or. Being a Ho-Or tells part of my origin. Part of where I come from — which stars.

And you, too, are born from stars. The Angels teach us of the origin of Spirit, and of Parentage: These are two very different things, and difficult for a manifest, fleshy, incarnated being to comprehend because we have linear minds and existence is not linear. Hence the ability to travel through what our minds conceive of as time. But what is important for you to understand at this moment at this time is that you are a unique Spirit that was created at a moment in the history of existence from a certain star. The Seven Principles teach us of the ways of creation and of change. The First Principle is: “everything is born, and then changes.” And the processes of transformation are varied. But part of why you incarnated was to facilitate transformation upon your Spirit.

But you have free will.

And your choices, both good AND bad, accomplish this. Everything you do, every choice you make, every interaction that you have, everything has an effect upon your very essence. Therefore, one should make wise choices. For what is done, cannot be undone.

Now what does this have to do with “The War,” as the spirits teach us? This War is larger than our solar system. This is a cosmic war, but it is also a very real, a very physical war. And it has been going on for many, many of our human lifetimes. And it has involved more than our beloved Earth. One can see the potentiality of this war when one looks at what is now called the “Planet of War”, Mars. For Mars was changed. Mars used to have an atmosphere. Mars used to have higher life. The scars of its destruction still mar its surface, visible for all to see. There are a lot of things being kept from you. There is a lot of knowledge that you have not been allowed to know — about your true history. And the Earth may end up just like Mars in your lifetime. Soon. If we do not win this part of the war.

You should understand the nature of Heka, my dear, sweet, love. You should understand that there is no separation between Realms at all, so even as I type these letters that make these words I am doing Heka: I am engendering a Magickal Act; I am conceiving a Magickal Child — and the act of your reading these words is my giving birth to that child. Now he lives amongst you. Now he walks, he breathes. Now the future has been changed as I stand here in it looking back at you through time. For I am plucking the strands of a great instrument, and you can all but hear the music … can you hear it?

This is the weaving of the spell, by Tanech. This is the web of the spider, as it glistens in the moonlight. This is the witchcraft of the Hidden Sisters. Behold, my dear beloved child, my dear beloved man, for One has come to give judgment upon those who seek to harm our Mother, Gaia. He shall be known by many names, and known by no name. He is the son of the Black Star; he is dark, invisible. Dark Matter, if you will. He is One whose very presence stirs men’s hearts to fear, and woman’s loins to suppleness. My love to you, my child, my brother, my lover, my mate in War. As I blow this kiss, may your name be whispered unknown. You are Tomorrow, Manifest.

And my beloved readers, those of you who hold indignation at the very attack not only upon our beloved Gaia, the Earth, but upon your very incarnation: those of you who have not yet joined forces with the very enemy who seeks to destroy all that you are, all that you know — what can you do?

I shall tell you. For you do not have much time left. There is very little time left.

You must, now, make a decision. You cannot wait until someone does something to make it for you. This is your destiny. This is your incarnation. Everything that you do, and everything that you do not do, will affect and have impact upon your Spirit — the very essence that is the core of you. You have free will. You can be changed by whatever is bumping up against you without your noticing, or you can take your manifestation into your own hands, under your own Will, and have a say in what that means. You can, at this very moment, stop everything you are doing and awaken to your purpose. And then make the changes in your life, no matter how drastic, to begin to accomplish this. Step away from the paradigm of fear which seeks safety in the compliance of joining in beliefs of others. Your awareness is being compressed by the technology which encircles you even now.

I will tell you from where I stand right now, haunting you from the Realm of Spirit, that most people whom you see around you are already dead. They did not survive the War. There is a great process of transformation and Initiation about to hit your home planet. What is left of humanity will be changed, and we must remember that one of the greatest avenues for change and Initiation is Death. Whether you die in an Initiatory Rite within the Mysteries of the Underworld, or die in your fleshly existence, matters not: all death is transformation.

Remember: you have free will. You must choose how you will die — or others will choose that for you.

Most of humanity feels the pressure of the War upon their collective psyche. What is termed the “collective unconscious” is usually considered to be a state of collective mental awareness most often kept repressed as an echo from some unbidden voice in the darkness of the unconscious mind. In actually this is the voice of YOUR Spirit coming to YOUR awareness. The Spirits within the incarnation of humanity are crying out in warning. But the Personas of many of those Spirits are reacting to this voice by pursuing distraction to keep them from hearing it. They do not want to think about their own death. So most of humanity is idly playing with different contraptions with buttons and lights and endless images of distraction, hoping that when they look up they will see a different future. They do not realize that by their actions they are ensuring the future they do not want at all. For you must participate in creation in order to facilitate it. Or your future will be chosen for you.

I am standing in the future reaching back through time to tell you that some of you are meant to survive. I am not alone here. Some small portion of humanity is meant to survive, and I incarnated in the flesh in order to facilitate and teach those who do so in the ways of Heka, in the ways of Nu, in the ways of the consciousness of the continuity of existence: For I know these ways. I am the child of things both known, and unknown to you. I am a child of things that seek to awaken you to many things.

But you have free will. And you can choose not to listen. You can turn away.

Now, it is important to take a breath and have a thought in regards to what it is you are doing here in the first place. Take a look around you. You went through the very arduous process of incarnation. You — your Spirit — arranged itself to manifest within the flesh on this very amazing, very dense and very physical Realm in order to facilitate a transformation upon itself. Now take a look around you. Is what you are doing in your life in accordance with that plan? Is what you do on a daily basis in accordance with the very unique and miraculous existence of your very Spirit manifest? Is your physical reality in line with the precious nature of your spiritual essence born from the Fire of a Star?

And now you no longer have the luxury of time to wait for the realization of such an important awareness to miraculously descend upon you. You must enact it.

And now I shall speak of this War. It is an uncomfortable fact that there are those who are not human who seek to change you away from your essence and your humanity into something that they can use; something that they can eat, consume, transform into their own beings. It is this very violation of the Principles themselves that shall bring the great storm of Vengeance upon their minions who control the positions of temporal power upon this planet — for this planet is not free. This planet is owned — owned by those who are not on your side. Owned by those who seek your destruction.

And it is time, my beloveds, for you to really understand who and what Babalon is. And what Her coming brings in its wake. So I am preparing you for this. For She is the Great Liberating Mother. And for those of you who have the Will to realize the potential of all that is their origins; the Fire of their own Star — She is coming to set you free.

But you have free will.

And you have to awaken to the path of your origins of your own volition. You have to find your purpose. You have to be willing to do what is necessary to walk forward into the Fire of your destiny.

I am waiting for you, speaking to you from your future's past.

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A New Dawn

A New DawnHow many humans, I wonder, are prepared for silence—true Silence? Once all the screaming and crying are done, it will be a sound that they have never heard before.

It will sound much the way our ancestors sound to the ears of most of those who walk upon them. For the very stones beneath your feet, many of them, contain that which once moved and breathed upon the Earth, be they small indeed. These ancestors, in many ways, were more wise than the wisest human alive today. Yet they are walked upon, unnoticed. And so it will be again. The bodies walking and shuffling around now will one day be pavement, or ground.

So sure are they, of their divine supremacy, these humans. Yet, how can they be so if they do not even know of their own origins? The fault of this is their own. They knew their origins, once. But, they sold their ability to know this simple truth for many things, which will leave them panicked in the Silence. They will not know the language of Silence, nor will they be able to hear it. They no longer remember how to listen, and would not be able to learn how even if they wanted to learn, which they do not.

So, as they lay dying, their thoughts will not be on anything other than themselves and their own plights. And so it begins.

If you read these words perhaps you wonder—perhaps you want to learn this language once innate to your being? Can you set aside your fears enough to learn?

Know this: that in many ways there is no separation between Realms. What exists in spirit exists in the physical. People exist in a world that they cannot see and do not know is there. Yet, they are seen. The most important question that one should ask is: am I worthy of regard?

It does not take faith to understand the nature of the Realm of Spirit any more than it takes faith to understand the nature of the manifest fleshly Realm. Neither Realm is understood by the modern human, yet almost every human, at least at birth, had access to both Realms equally.

As people lay dying, they will have anger. They will curse Her. Yet, She was not the one who lied to them. And they did not have to believe in the lies. They have a Spirit which was trying to tell them differently. They chose not to listen.

Ending Flourish

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