The Temple of Babalon in Ophidia
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Glossary of Terms


InitiationThe act of imprinting a candidate in a ritualistic way according to certain Mysteries. This experiential act is the only way for a Persona to increase its capacity to hold Spirit, and thereby assume more of its Wisdom and Power. Self Initiation, as popularly understood in modern times, or ritual initiation following scripts in modern "secret societies", do not offer true Initiation - which in fact requires the presence of presiding Spirits who carry out the transformation itself. These ceremonies which do not involve the actual presence of Initiatory Spirits are in actuality merely Rites of Passage, not Initiation. Rites of Passage are human-centered and culture-centered. While sometimes exhilarating to the Persona, they do not increase ones capacity for Spirit. Rites of Passage are most often used by private groups and religions to behaviorally form compliant members, under the guise of spiritual motivations.

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