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Glossary of Terms

The Precession of the Equinoxes

An astronomical phenomena which is defined by the long-term shift of the stars in our sky caused by a wobbling of the earth as it spins on its axis. It is a pre-cession, instead of a pro-cession, because it appears as if we are traversing through the constellations in reverse, one complete cycle every 25,920 years. According to Liber Legis I:49, the Equinox of the Gods took place on the Spring Equinox of 1904 as the Earth entered Aquarius. Therefore one can calculate each Aeon of 2160 years as follows:

  • 24,016 BCE Aquarius begins
  • 21,856 BCE Capricorn begins
  • 19,696 BCE Sagittarius begins
  • 17,536 BCE Scorpio begins
  • 15,376 BCE Libra begins
  • 13,216 BCE Virgo Begins
  • 11,056 BCE Leo Begins
  • 8,896 BCE Cancer begins
  • 6,736 BCE Gemini begins
  • 4,576 BCE Taurus begins
  • 2,416 BCE Aires begins
  • 256 BCE Pisces begins
  • 1,904 CE Aquarius begins
  • 4,064 CE Capricorn will begin

See also Aeons. See also Equinox of the Gods.

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